New Jersey Morning Report

New Jersey Morning Report

April 26, 2014 11:40am

When they announced they'd be holding a supercross at an open air stadium in the Northeast, many were worried about the weather. April showers bring May flowers, people.

Well, the rain indeed came to Met Life Stadium in New Jersey last night, but it won't stop Monster Energy Supercross. The track was built days ago and was covered under tarps, and this morning at 11 a.m., when they would normally hold track walk, the tarps were pulled off. The track walk will now happen at 1:30 and timed practice will begin at 2:15--the typical untimed practice for earlier in the day has been eliminated.

The track actually looks fine except for the start straight, which is plenty wet. They're pushing the mud around right now, and there's sunshine and wind to help the drying process. The only real problem is a chance of rain again at 5 p.m.--if that happens, we'll have some trouble. But supercross is meant to be raced rain or shine, right?

We found GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle this morning and chatted with him about the crazy turn of events in 250SX East (points leader Martin Davalos is now out with injuries, Bogle is eight points behind). He's trying his best to treat this just like any other race. "Obviously I know what happened, but it's not like I was checking websites every day trying to get more info," he said. "Honestly I don't check dirt bike websites every day, anyway, I'm gonna hear about what I need to know anyway. I'm just treating it like any other race--I want to win races. Hey, I need to just ride--it's not like I even have the red plate on my bike or anything."

Indeed, Bogle must survive the night and get a few points to even get the points lead in a championship most people are already handing over to him. This is one of the strangest scenarios we've seen in quite some time.

More to come--practice will be here in few hours, and hopefully the rain won't be.