Privateer Profile: Jimmy Albertson

Privateer Profile Jimmy Albertson

April 23, 2014 4:00pm

From his celebratory Boner Airs to his fantastic online reality series, The Albertson Project, Jimmy Albertson is always entertaining and likable, both on and off the track. With just two rounds of Monster Energy Supercross left, we gave Top Jimmy a ring to get his thoughts on his indoor campaign.

Racer X: The season is wrapping up. Looking back, are you satisfied with how everything has played out so far?
Jimmy Albertson: You know, I would like to say I’m satisfied, but looking back I’m pretty bummed out on the way I raced this year. I’m completely stoked on the team this year though, the whole crew has been completely awesome. Our whole setup is super clean and looks great! I would have just liked to have done better, but at the end of the day I stayed healthy. Yeah, I had to miss Seattle with an injury, but I’m healthy and that’s a big thing. You can beat your head against the wall all day and say, ‘Man, I wish I would’ve gotten better results!’ But there are a lot of guys who’ve had good results, but they’re hurt now. I hate to say it, but this sport is kind of turning into survival of the fittest. You’re better off staying consistent than being on the ground, so I’ve got that to be thankful for.

And you’ll be healthy for the summer this year too.
Exactly. We got the outdoors starting here soon, and it’s important for the sponsors to be a guy who can make it through season after season. But a part of me wishes that I got some really good finishes and then piled myself into the ground over being shitty or mediocre every weekend! But I’m out there, I’m in the mains, I’m making a living doing that and I get to ride my bike every day. I’m striving to get better and I’m working hard, and I just have to wait for that to happen.

What have been some of your season highs so far?
I’ve had a couple good semis so far. I won a semi at A3 I think, and I almost won another semi in Daytona, but I got passed on the last straightaway by Wil Hahn. Stuff like that. And yeah, I’ve had some decent races, I think my best this year was thirteenth, but when you’re able to go out and race for the lead it’s really fun. I had a lot of fun in those races. Taking a checkered flag is something that I’m going to remember down the road over being close to the top ten or something like that.

Albertson is currently 22nd in 450SX points. 
Albertson is currently 22nd in 450SX points.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Well it’s not like these are local races!
Yeah! It’s kind of funny, when I’m on the gate with guys I believe I can beat, I always seem to step up and do really well. But once I line up on the gate with all the whole crew, all the factory guys, it’s kind of like, I don’t know. I’m just not as pumped or fired up and I don’t seem to do as well. It’s all a work in progress, and I learned a lot this year. And there’s always next year!

What are some of the season lows?
There have been a couple times when I came out of the main event and just felt like I was out there cruising, and that’s pretty low. But the lowest point was probably Seattle. I wasn’t able to race because I was hurt from the weekend before. I did well in Houston beat up and hurting, but I think when you’re in the moment, like I was in Houston, you can survive. But once I let pain settle in all week I couldn’t do it. I wanted to finish out the season strong, and I’m in a points battle with Chris Blose. Not being able to race that night was a pretty crushing blow.

Only being a few points out of the top twenty, and the substantial bonus that comes with being in that top twenty at the end of the year, had to have made it even tougher.
Oh yeah, that was such a bummer. Blose and I have been pretty close all season, so not lining up for that main was huge. Yeah, the actual place matters, but at the same time, that’s a good amount of money! But it’s whatever, I’m healthy. As bummed out as I get sometimes, I just look back at last year. This time last year I remember going to the doctors and being told that my wrist was screwed up and that they’d probably have to fuse it. Luckily I found a different doctor and he ended up fixing my wrist. I feel pretty good about everything.

Yeah, well, you could always just take Blose out in the next race too.
I would if he wasn’t my buddy! [Laughs] I’d feel too bad. He’s had a strong privateer effort this year.

From your online reality show, The Albertson Project, to the celebratory Boner Air to the toolbox full of candy and Gatorade in your pits, you seem like you keep things pretty light. Is that done on purpose to help cope with the grind of the season, or is it just who you are?
It’s just who I am. This year, looking back at things, I wish I would have enjoyed myself a little bit more and not gotten so bummed out on some of my results. I just let the racing take away the fun sometimes. There are times when everyone in the pits has a great attitude and is joking around and I’m up in my part of the semi just sitting by myself completely devastated and bummed out. But looking back, I don’t want to be older looking back and wishing I would have enjoyed myself more while I was racing instead of being so hard on myself. At the end of the day, what’s being miserable going to change?

What are some other examples of things unique to you and your program?
A big hit in our pits this year has been that we’ve had Chipotle in the pits almost every weekend. People are always running around asking if we’re going to have Chipotle again. We have guys from other teams coming over all the time to eat in our pits, which is kind of goofy.

Talk about The Albertson Project for a minute. Is that something that you’re doing mainly for sponsors, or do you enjoy it also?
Well it’s sponsor driven for sure, but we enjoy doing it a lot too. Our sponsors also like it and get a lot of exposure out of it. Motosport wanted to do a series as part of their sponsorship, and my wife Georgia and I are definitely down with it. It’s kind of tough with supercross because you’re limited on what you’re allowed to tape, although we’ve bent the rules a few times! I don’t know if everything our cameraman does is legal or not; he kind of has to do some sneaking around. I’m pretty sure it’ll continue for the outdoors too, and that’ll be cool because we’ll have more freedom to use footage from the actual race. The series has been a hit, people love it, but I think people will really get into it when they can see footage and drama from the actual race.  

Albertson's best finish this season was a 13th in St. Louis.  
Albertson's best finish this season was a 13th in St. Louis.   Photo: Simon Cudby

Speaking of motocross, what does your program look like for the summer?
Right now we’re trying to figure out a way to get the rig outdoors with us but we’re a little short on the budget. We’re looking for some more sponsors, so anybody reading this right now that wants to sponsor a team should get in touch with me at

You want to list your actual email address? You might get some weird emails…
Yep, for sure. Kyle Regal is going to be on the team too if we can take the semi. If we can’t take the semi, I’m just going to take a sprinter van and with the same sponsors, Crossland Racing,, Don’s, Merge Racing Technologies, Fly Racing, EKS Brand Goggles, Stillwater Honda, Rekluse, FMF, Dubya Wheels, Dunlop Tires, Renegade Fuels, Acerbis Plastic, 180 Decals, Renthal Handlebars, Talon Sprockets, Hammerhead, IMS, Works Connection, Freegun Underwear, DVS Shoes, Milestone MX, Alpinestars Boots and POD Knee Braces, and do it privateer style out of the van. I love racing and I’m thankful for those sponsors, and if I can just make all the races that’ll be good, and I think it’ll work for the video series.