Wil Hahn's Injuries

March 31, 2014 11:40am | by:

Wil Hahn's crash in his 450SX heat race on Saturday night was a bad one, and everyone in the Edward Jones Dome was silent as they waited to see if he was okay. Wil was eventually able to sit up and take a ride on the Asterisk Medic Mule.

The first report from the @GEICOMotorcycle Twitter feed on Saturday night said: Suffered a broken right humerus. He is being further evaluated for shoulder injuries in the ER of BarnesJewishHospital

After that evaluation, @GEICOMotorcycle Tweeted on Sunday: In addition to his broken right humerus, he has a broken clavicle and cracked skull. He is out for the year.

That's scary. So we texted Wil yesterday and he actually seemed to be in good spirits, saying via text that "It's not horrible, I've been worse." He also sent us a funny picture of him smiling while in a neck brace. Then he headed out to California to visit Dr. Ting and get more info on the injuries and treatment.

When we know more, we'll post more. Get well soon, Wilbur!