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Was just watching the race when I noticed a trend (or seeming to be a trend) of illness of the racers. Justin Brayton was said to have food poisoning tonight. I know these guys don't make excuses for their performances but I've noticed several, including Seeley if I remember correctly, coming down with food poisoning. Now this no small disease here and I was just wondering if a lot of said food poisoning is just a bad case of the shits or do they actually have food poisoning? If so, is the food really THAT bad on the road?



Think the places you eat are clean? You're probably wrong.
Think the places you eat are clean? You're probably wrong.


Riders are training hard, traveling weekly and eating out all weekend long for about 11 months out of the year. Some would say that is a perfect formula for some gastrointestinal fails. They would also say these guys eat so cleanly that one bad case of food poisoning can really throw their systems into disarray. I say these guys need to pack a few extra pair of underwear, chug some Pepto Bismol and stop being such sissies.  I mean, come on, guys, its just a little human feces making its way onto your food. Am I right? Salmonella tastes delicious with a little Sriracha on it. And if you poop your pants mid-moto just ride that burrito wet-style until the checked flag falls and then head for the showers. Once you get cleaned up throw those turd ridden race pants to a crazed fan who will love them and probably wear them to bed that night. Chris, thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront. And be sure to wash your hands if you get some dirty gear from one of the guys.



Hi Ping,

I know a lot of readers like to see the questions you answer related to the latest goings on in our sport, but I`d like to back it down a tad and ask a pretty simple question, which I am confident you will answer with some care and consideration for the average Joe who pays out some serious wedge on their riding gear.

I just purchased another set of riding gear,  As I opened the packaging on my riding pants there,  listed among  the materials was,  Spandex, Nylon, Polyester and…  Leather.  Leather?  The label even proudly announced: “Full grain leather knee panels”  really?  are we racing in the 1950`s or something, do I need a leather cap and gloves to with them?

Tragically every pair of riding pants I own succumb to the same fate, holes in the knees where they rub on the tank, and this is getting old.

let me put this into perspective, some farmers prize cow was lead out to a pasture and slaughtered, craftsman then spent many hours tanning a piece of its ass to get that “Full grain look” then a 5 year old Chinese kid (who I bet doesn’t get a lunch break) ,took the time to carefully sew it all together, I put them on go out for a Moto and two holes  wear though them in last less time than it takes Mike Alessi to go from 1st to last on the opening lap of a Supercross.

Can`t clothing manufacturers use something more durable? I doubt they got NASA on speed dial but come on Mr. Design guy let`s start thinking outside the bun here….

Is it just some marketing ploy to keep us buying new gear?  

Thanks Bud,



Bad Boy used bird feathers to line his pants. 
Bad Boy used bird feathers to line his pants. 


Riding gear went through a phase in the '90s of using various blends of Kevlar and other synthetics that stretch better than leather. The materials had good wear resistance but they would split apart where they were sewn to the pants. When four-strokes and their hot exhaust pipes came along the materials they were using weren't cutting it. Now, I'm not in the motocross fashion industry but apparently there is no material on the planet better than leather when it comes to protecting from heated metals. We've landed men on the moon. We've shot monkeys into space. We have bras that can offer full support to Pamela Anderson. And yet, despite those marvels of technology, we fall back on cowhide as our go-to material to protect riding pants from heat and wear. I don't know what a day laborer in China is pulling in but I'll bet even that young man knows that this leather knee patch conspiracy is total crap. Get out your tin foil hats, folks. This is officially the area 51 of our sport. Someone knows the truth.




I am a huge Ricky Carmichael fan. I will never forget the #70 Pro Circuit KX 125 the first time I saw him ride at my hometown track MX 338, speechless, game changer. What he has done for the sport and given back is tremendous. As a fan I would like to give him a gift personally from myself. So my question to you Ping is if I buy Ricky a sport coat that fits him can you get it to him for me ?


Time for a fashion makeover? I have no idea. The last suit I bought is so out of style it's back in style.
Time for a fashion makeover? I have no idea. The last suit I bought is so out of style it's back in style.


I'm starting to think that either the television distorts the size of certain images on screen or the guys in the booth are having trouble finding properly sized attire. Jeff Emig's watch seems like it was made for LeBron James and I don't know if his top three buttons are always popping off or if they are broken but they are never buttoned. Ricky's jacket appears to be borrowed from his dad and maybe Jeff doesn't like the way Ricky's jacket fits or maybe he's mad that RC won so much but the tension between those two at times is palpable. I'd like to see Jenny take all those boys out for a nice lunch and then go suit shopping with them to make sure they are all dialed in. Sorry, but with a name like "Grunk" I'm not sure I trust you to buy RC a new coat.


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