Alessi, Baggett, Emig on DMXS Radio

February 19, 2014 1:50pm | by:

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Blake Baggett is looking for a little supercross redemption after a crash at Anaheim 1 last year that ended his season before it even began. That may be motivation enough, but BB is also coming off another serious injury while preparing for this year that has netted the former motocross champ very limited time on the bike before the Texas opener. Blake showed he had the speed to run up front, and considering everything he’s been through, it was almost as good as a win.

I don’t believe any true fan of our sport could ever question the passion and commitment that SmarTop MotoConcepts Racing’s Mike Alessi has displayed throughout his professional career. Mike sheds doubters and any distraction from racing like water off a duck’s back. Mike has been a guest on DMXS for over a decade and we always enjoy catching up.

Jeff Emig is the voice of our sport and does a great job keeping the continuity and vibe going with the rotating cast of guest commentators up in the booth. Fro can only talk about so much on the broadcast and requires an outlet to discuss all the other observations and bench racing that needs to be said. That is where we come in. So tune in for his unique perspective from behind-the-scenes and the booth.

Jason Weigandt is like the bedazzles on an old jean jacket. Might not add much value, but sure is shiny to look at.

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