DMXS Party This Friday in Atlanta

February 18, 2014 9:05am | by:

Atlanta, GA, has spent many months preparing for the storm that’s about to hit the city. “Forget about the ice and snow that paralyzed the south for days, we are bracing for the perfect storm of beer and supercross that will hit the local nightlife on Friday night February 21,“ stated one fake city official.

Friday night February 21 will mark the 10th year of this celebration of our great sport and DMXS invites you all out to for high fives, chest bumps (from Wes Williams) and lots of other late night shirtless activities that are sure to ensue. We just ask that no rhinestones be attached to men’s jeans or shirts. No dragon patterns allowed on shirts or jeans and no shirts from the following brands: Ed Hardy, Tap Out, Affliction, Gotcha, I.O.U., Oaktree, Knights of the Round Table, Generra Hyper Colors, Pier Connection, Panama Jack and last but not least any sort of Wolf Sport gear or casual wear. Thank you, that is all.

This gathering will take place at Tongue and Groove in Atlanta starting at 9pm. The address is: Main St NE, Atlanta, GA. 21 and up to get in.

Love always,
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