Rapid ReaXtion: 250SX East Opener

Rapid Reaxtion 250SX East Opener

February 16, 2014 9:20pm

Jason Weigandt: Obviously you have to be impressed with Cianciarulo's win, and it's really the way he did it that impressed. He was so cool and collected. I know there's already some anti-AC backlash due to all the hype and attention he's gotten as an amateur, but I think all of the attention and pressure he's already dealt with really helped here. You can call it cocky, confident or just realistic, but either way he's visualized having success at the pro level for a long time, so I don't think he was overwhelmed by any of this.  

Also a mention to some of last year's front runners in 250 East, Gavin Faith and Vince Friese. Last year's 250 East took a lot of flack for a lack of experienced winners, factory riders and such (or, you could just make it simple and say it wasn't very deep). Faith and Friese were good against the 2013 field, and they proved at Dallas that was no fluke—they were just as good, if not better, against this deeper 2014 pack. 

Some other parts of the night were disappointing, like Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha's results, but those guys will rebound. This thing is just getting started! 

Chase Stallo: With only nine rounds on the respective coasts, the first round of 250SX plays much more of a factor than in 450SX. Cianciarulo, Baggett, Davalos, Friese, Bogle and even Wharton (seventh) did nothing to hurt their title chances in Arlington. But Jeremy Martin’s chances took a Texas sized hit. For the second straight season, the 2013 MX Rookie of the Year failed to qualify for the main. Already looking into a 25-point hole after one round, it will take some good fortune for Martin to claw his way back into championship talk. The pressure has been heightened and Martin will have to start winning and winning often—beginning next weekend in Atlanta.