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Chad Reed Update

Chad Reed Update

Chad Reed crashed out of the San Diego Supercross on the last lap. He was taken to the hospital on Saturday night and that hospital didn't find anything broken, but Reed checked out to get another opinion from a more familiar set of doctors. Tonight at 9 pm eastern, he tweeted:

So not the news I wanted 3 broken bones 1) scapula 2) collarbone 3) T1 Explains the pain I guess.. Sometimes things don't make sense it's that love hate relationship you have with racing But every Saturday night they drop the gate. In 6 days I plan to be there! Thanks for all the prayers hope to make y'all proud TwoTwo supporters.

So that's the news for now--Chad is going to be in some serious pain but is going to try to make a go of it in Dallas this weekend. Good luck, Chad! We'll keep everyone posted as this situation develops.