The List: California Winners

The List California Winners

February 4, 2014 12:25pm

At the beginning of the season James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath were all tied for the most wins in Anaheim with eight each. There was some discussion on whether or not Stewart would serve The King and The Goat their club eviction notices by winning a race in Anaheim, but that didn’t happen. Instead of the club getting smaller, it expanded when Chad Reed was issued his official, Anaheim Badass credentials by winning A2 and A3, putting his Anaheim win tally at eight. That creates a four-way tie in all-time Anaheim race wins.

But Reed just accomplished something bigger. With his A3 win, Reed also became the Golden State’s winningest supercross racer with seventeen supercross wins in California, one more than Jeremy McGrath. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of riders who have won premier supercross races in California for this week’s The List. And if you’re wondering if any of this matters, well, we’ll dig a little deeper into how this portends to a championship in 450 Words later today.

1 Win
Ken Roczen
Josh Grant
Sebastien Tortelli
Greg Albertyn
Doug Henry
Ron Lechien
Donnie Hansen
Jaroslav Falta
Marty Smith
Bob Hannah
Gaylon Mosier
Doug Dubach
2 Wins
Kevin Windham
Ryan Dungey
Mike LaRocco
Jean-Michel Bayle
Jimmy Weinert
Mark Barnett
Jimmy Ellis
3 Wins
Davi Millsaps
David Vuillemin
Ezra Lusk
Johnny O'Mara
Mike Bell
Kent Howerton
4 Wins
Jeff Ward
David Bailey
5 Wins
Jeff Stanton
Damon Bradshaw
6 Wins
Ricky Johnson
7 Wins
Broc Glover
9 Wins
Ryan Villopoto
12 Wins
Ricky Carmichael
14 Wins
James Stewart
16 Wins
Jeremy McGrath
17 Wins
Chad Reed