Sign of the (Lap) Times: Oakland SX

Sign of the (Lap) Times Oakland SX

January 28, 2014 1:20pm

By Jason Weigandt and Chase Stallo

Craziest stat this week: Through four rounds—three of those being wins—Jason Anderson has led a grand total six laps. In comparison, Cole Seely has led 40 and Dean Wilson eight. Justin Hill is the only other rider to have led a lap.

Australia's Matt Moss missed the race with a separated shoulder.

Terrible night for team Soaring Eagle/Dodge RCH Suzuki, with Broc Tickle again being relegated to the sidelines with injury, and now Josh Hill joining him on the injured list with a broken collarbone.  "I felt great all day, and had the speed I needed. I just made a mistake in the heat coming through the pack," said Hill in a team statement. "I'm not in too much pain. More than anything, I'm just frustrated that I'm going to have to miss a couple races."

Josh Hill is expected to miss a couple rounds with a broken collarbone.
Josh Hill is expected to miss a couple rounds with a broken collarbone. Photo: Simon Cudby

Tickle came in with sore ribs after a big crash in his semi race last week at Anaheim. Then? "I got off to a decent start in my heat and felt the best I have all night," said Broc in a team statement. "Barcia knocked Weimer down in a berm in front of me and I got on the gas to try and miss his bike, but clipped it and crashed. I sprained my left wrist and my pointer finger. It swelled up really quickly, so we made a decision as a team to pull out on racing tonight." Tickle hopes to be back this weekend.

Now, let’s get to the lap charts.

450SX Class

Lap Rank Finish Best Lap In Lap Avg Lap Time Rider
1  1 55.228 2 56.068 Ryan Villopoto
2  3 55.273 6 56.408 Chad Reed
3  2 55.459 8 56.157 James Stewart
4  7 55.830 3 57.166 Justin Barcia
5  5 55.871 6 56.925 Justin Brayton
6  4 55.900 6/7 56.507 Ryan Dungey
7  6 56.041 7 56.948 Ken Roczen
8  8 56.576 4 57.956 Wil Hahn
9  9 56.862 7 57.974 Jake Weimer
10  22 57.107 3 57.542 Weston Peick
11  10 57.251 7 58.463 Andrew Short
12  12 57.315 7 58.679 Ivan Tedesco
13  13 57.603 13 58.649 Mike Alessi
14  11 57.609 3 58.518 Josh Grant
15  14 57.803 7 59.074 Vince Friese
16  15 57.984 6 58.950 Nick Wey
17  16 58.240 5 59.699 Matt Goerke
18  17 58.404 3 1:00.144 Kyle Chisholm
19  18 58.909 6 1:00.207 Jimmy Albertson
20  19 59.076 4 1:00.906 Nick Schmidt
21  21 59.083  4 1:01.842 Kyle Partridge
22  20 59.118 5 1:01.237  Jimmy Decotis

250SX Class

Lap Rank Finish Best Lap In Lap Avg Lap Time Rider
1  1 55.969 4 56.923 Jason Anderson
2  3 56.002 2 57.645 Justin Hill
3  2 56.223 6 57.016 Dean Wilson
4  4 56.702 6 57.859 Cole Seely
5  5 56.731 5 57.829 Zach Osborne
6  7 57.706 5 59.721 Jessy Nelson
7  8 57.987 4 59.816 Shane McElrath
8  6 57.994 5 59.167 Michael Leib
9  9 58.115 4 58.985 Cooper Webb
10  16 58.139 2 1:02.113 Malcolm Stewart
11  11 58.520 11 1:01.050 Jake Canada
12  13 59.114 6 1:00.675 Dakota Tedder
13  10 59.144 6 1:00.168 Dean Ferris
14  12 59.292 6 1:01.010 Scott Champion
15  14 59.987 6 1:01.749 Valentin Teillet
16  22 1:00.152 6 1:01.298 Aaron Siminoe
17  15 1:00.465 5 1:02.133 Topher Ingalls
18  17 1:00.735 3 1:03.318 Cole Martinez
19  18 1:01.190 7 1:01.190 Brandon Scharer
20  20 1:01.906 3 1:05.541 Austin Burns
21  19 1:02.078 7 1:04.205 Ruben Alanis
22  21 1:03.591 6 1:06.707 Brian Burns


Over the last two weeks James Stewart and Chad Reed have renewed a rivalry that a year ago seemed to have vanished. Both have shown consistency (aside from Stewart’s crash at A1 and Reed’s ninth in Phoenix) in the results and consistency in challenging each other. A week ago, Reed used a late burst to overtake Stewart for the win at Anaheim 2. This past weekend, the tables were turned. The quad that Reed was doing earlier in the race worked to the advantage of Stewart late as he drew in Reed. Let’s take a look and see where Stewart was able to make up ground on Reed.

Lap Chad Reed James Stewart
8 56.734 55.459
9 56.921 55.738
10 56.617 56.096
11 55.981 56.041
12 56.191 56.21
13 58.124 56.114
14 56.712 56.312
15 56.269 55.582


After he cleared Reed, and still using the quad to his advantage, Stewart did make up ground on RV over the final six laps. Check out the side-by-side comparison below.

Lap Ryan Villopoto James Stewart
15 56.299 55.582
16 56.293 56.200
17 56.274 56.173
18 56.301 56.141
19 56.516 56.614
20 57.164 57.822


In 250SX, Jason Anderson pulled out another last-lap pass, but without Dean Wilson’s mechanical problem on the final lap, Anderson probably wouldn’t have been close enough to attempt a desperation move at the end. However, Anderson was making up ground over the final six laps. Let’s have a look.

Lap  Jason Anderson Dean Wilson
10 59.056 56.847
11 56.499 56.7
12 56.48 57.482
13 56.232 57.289
14 56.586 56.774
15 57.242 1:01.120

More News and Notes:

Shoutout to Moto Mafia's Nick Wey, who missed the main at Anaheim 1 but has been solid since, carding a 13th and two 15ths at the last three races. Not bad for a guy who missed all of 2013 with injury.

Nick Wey (left) is getting back into form after missing all of 2013.
Nick Wey (left) is getting back into form after missing all of 2013. Photo: Simon Cudby

The Oakland whoops were very tough early in the day, but were rolled in (made smaller and rounder) as the show went on. Even James Stewart and Chad Reed, two riders who normally gain time in big whoops, were okay with the change. "The way they’ve been building the whoops this year is kind of dangerous," said Stewart to our Aaron Hansel. "They’re just built really steep. You can build them ten feet tall, but when they’re really steep and guys miss them, they just endo. In practice I said, ‘Do you guys want to have a series, or are you going to have people hurt?’ They changed them, so that was better." Reed echoed those thoughts to our Steve Matthes. "I like big whoops as you know, but I think they were a little bit sketchy," said Reed. "If there was a riders union and if I was the head of it I would agree that they needed a little work. Maybe they went a little too far with it, but they were really sketchy in practice. They were real pointy. I think there would have been a lot of crashes, and it’s a series. Sometimes you can’t make choices for the benefit of yourself. Like I said, if I was in a position where I had to be like, 'Hey, you’re the guy, should we cut them down or not?' I think that they did the right thing."

If you’re looking to find a new rivalry between friends Cooper Webb and Malcolm Stewart you may want to look elsewhere. Stewart downplayed their incident in the 250SX main, while Webb placed the blame squarely on his shoulders.

“Racing is racing. I don’t have a grudge with him,” Stewart told Racer X. “I have nothing against him. I actually walked over here and talked to him. I’m just going to let this race go like nothing ever happened.”

“We’re good buddies and he was bummed, and I was too,” Webb told Racer X. “The crash was totally my fault. We’re both pushing to be up there, and when you’re both trying that hard your emotions can get high. We talked after the race and we’re still good buddies."

Vince Friese (42) was the surprise holeshot winner in Oakland.
Vince Friese (42) was the surprise holeshot winner in Oakland. Photo: Simon Cudby

Webb was lucky to even be competing in the main after a big crash in qualifying, which resulted in a sprained wrist.

“I had a really bad crash in practice and popped my wrist out of place and sprained it. Doc G helped me out a lot and got it back in. I was just trying to ride through that and do the best I could.”

We all called Factory Metal Works’ Vince Friese grabbing the 450SX holeshot, right?

How scarce has Suzuki’s presence been in 250SX in 2014? On Saturday in Oakland, privateer Brandon Scharer was the first Suzuki rider to make a main this year.

51Fifty Honda’s Jake Canada was back in action, which meant fill-in rider Chris Plouffe was no longer with the team for Oakland. Canada finished 11th following his one week absence.

Jimmy Decotis is using the West Coast as a warm-up for a run in the 250SX East Region. The privateer hero qualified for his first career 450SX main in Oakland. Decotis would finish the night 20th.

Privateer Michael Leib held off Jessy Nelson for sixth in Oakland, marking a season-high for the Rocket Exhaust/On Track rider.