10 Things We  Watched: Oakland

10 Things We Watched: Oakland

January 27, 2014 3:50pm

We wrote 10 Things to Watch from Oakland on Friday. How did those 10 key storylines play out? Have a look.

He’s Still Got It

Of Chad Reed, was asked:Can he keep it rolling for two in a row in Oakland?

No, but it was another solid run for a podium. Win when he can and podium when he can’t—this season is shaping up as classic Chad Reed.


Of Justin Barcia, we asked:Can he turn things around this weekend?

No. A crash and a seventh. Another rough one for the 51.

Barcia was unable to turn things around in Oakland.
Barcia was unable to turn things around in Oakland. Photo: Simon Cudby

Taking it Back

Of Roczen’s points lead, we asked: Will that lead evaporate or get bigger in Oakland?

It evaporated—Kenny was okay but sixth wasn’t what he was looking for. He dropped to a tie for third in points, now nine behind Ryan Villopoto.

Panic Mode

Of Dean Wilson, we asked: A win streak would help, but given the strength exhibited by Seely and Anderson so far, that’s going to be a tall order. Will he bust through for his first win in Oakland?

Uh, no, he did not win, but he sure as heck should have. A mysterious bike bog forced Dean to roll the triple on the last lap, handing the lead to Jason Anderson. It was a win in every single way except for actually winning the race.

Rare Aggression

Of Angry Dungey in Anaheim 2, we asked: We don’t see that level of aggression from Dungey very often; will we see it again this weekend?

No hard block passes, but Dungey was one of only two riders (along with James Stewart) to let it rip on that huge quad down the stretch in the main event. That’s still a level of aggro we don’t normally see from Dungey.

Momentum Halted?

After Jason Anderson lost the points lead at A2, we wrote: Although known for his laid back demeanor, it will be interesting to see how Anderson deals with the first signs of adversity in 2014.

Looks like he bounced back just fine!

Five within Five

Of an incredible five-riders-within-five points 450SX series, we asked: Will the pack begin to thin at Oakland, or become even more crowded?

It’s still the same basic crew up front, but now there are 13 points between first and fifth.

Taking the Next Step

Of three-winners-in-three-450SX rounds, we asked: Will a new victor emerge by the bay or can RV, Roczen or Reed notch win number two?

Nope, Villopoto became the first repeat winner.

Dungey was aggressive down the stretch in Oakland.
Dungey was aggressive down the stretch in Oakland. Photo: Simon Cudby

Peick’s Peak

Of Weston Peick’s solid race at Anaheim, which netted a seventh, we wrote: Momentum is clearly on his side. Can he take advantage in Oakland?

He was about to. Peick qualified through his heat race and was running seventh again in the main before he bent a brake rotor and ended up with another DNF.

Moving up the Hill

After Justin Hill charged from last to fifth at A2, we asked: Will Oakland provide Pro Circuit, and Hill, their first podium of the season?

He, and his team, did. It was a great night for Hill, who led some laps and netted his first career podium. His teammate Wilson grabbed a podium, too, and even though Wilson lost the victory in a heart breaker, it was still a much better weekend for Pro Circuit than the first three.