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January 22, 2014 2:20pm | by:

David Bailey is beloved for his accomplishments on and off the track, including his sniper-like focus in the TV booth to see and breakdown a race/rider like few can. The “Little Professor” will be holding class on the show throughout the year so make sure you tune in for his unique perspective and graduate-level bench racing.

I’ll never forget what Mike Gosselaar said the first time I approached him about being on the show over ten years ago: “Who wants to hear what a mechanic has to say on the radio?” It’s a little easier to get him on now, but not by much. Those that know Goose realize he’s a behind-the-scenes guy that lets his results speak for him. He’s accomplished and seen so much throughout his career, but we wanted to especially get his thoughts on the latest milestone reached as part of the amazing TwoTwo Motorsports’ win at A2.

GEICO Honda's Wil Hahn is coming off the season of his career and the defending East Region 250SX champion is sitting ninth in the stacked 450 points three rounds deep. We’ll get the latest on his jump to the big bike now that he has a few races in the rearview mirror. Lil’ Wil is a fan favorite and one of our most requested guests for a reason ... he’s simply adorable and really, really fast.

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