Pastrana Update 2: He's back!

January 17, 2014 9:20am | by:

Yesterday we posted a good news/bad news Travis Pastrana update, and now we have more!

The update from the Nitro camp is that Travis will be at tonight's Nitro Circus Live show in SLC and all of the remaining shows on the tour (six left including tonight).

Here is a quote from Travis: "I was really psyched to attempt a front flip super indy air at the Cleveland Nitro Circus Live show last week. I got so close to landing it, but unfortunately, this time around I wasn't able to ride it out. I hurt my ankle but I'm definitely anxious and excited to get back on my bike soon to try it again. Thanks to all my fans for the support and well wishes, we’ve got six stops left on the Nitro Circus Live tour of North America and I will be there at every one of them.”

Here's a shot we found floating around on InstagramAh, the story never ends.