Good and Bad Travis Pastrana News

January 16, 2014 10:40am | by:

First, the good: Travis Pastrana is returning to the team and series where he's had the most success as a race car driver, re-joining Subaru Rally Team USA and the Rally America Championship. Travis won the series' title there in his Subaru from 2006-2010. He'll also race Global RallyCross at X Games in June. Travis' foray in NASCAR didn't work out, nor did assorted rally events in a Dodge. So now he's back and all seems well...

Well, maybe not. You know TP can't just leave well enough alone, so he went out and tried a front flip/Indian Air/Kiss of Death on his dirt bike at the Nitro Circus show over the weekend in Cleveland and crashed. Here's a clip from YouTube. Broken tib-fib for Travis. We're awaiting word from the Nitro Circus folks on how this impact will impact Travis' appearances in the Nitro Circus shows in the future--no word yet on his recovery time, or how this will impact his car racing endeavors, either. He's supposed to start rallying at the end of February. Then again, the last time he broke his leg trying a trick at X Games a few years ago, he was back racing a rally car a few days later. Oh, Travis!