Introducing the HLTN Collective

January 2, 2014 11:40am

San Clemente, CA — Through the newly formed GRMADA Inc., professional motocross racer Josh Grant has announced that he is a founding member and brand ambassador for HLTN Collective. The first-phase plan includes launching the HLTN brand logo at the first round of the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium on January 4.

“I am ecstatic to be a founding member and owner of a lifestyle brand." Grant said. “When the opportunity presented itself to start a global brand with this team of professional industry members, my wife and I had no doubt that this is what we wanted to do. I'm excited to put my personal touches on a brand I can share and inspire my fans with for years to come.”

About HLTN Collective:
Founded in a remote ocean bunker in Southern California by an eclectic group with expertise in action- sports brand building, HLTN Collective is a lifestyle brand with deeproots in action sports, music, art, and photography. Inspired by garage-band grit and bold artistic creativity, we celebrate all forms of the Beautiful Rebel. HLTN Collective is poised to become a global brand known for creativity and a forward-thinking mindset, transcending all youth cultures and action sports.

We are Happy Living The Now.

HLTN Collective is scheduled to ship to a select global dealer base in the summer of 2014
as well as online at HLTNCO.COM.

For all inquiries about HLTN Collective please contact: