Actually Fun Gift  Guide: Products by Payton

Actually Fun Gift Guide: Products by Payton

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Do you know how many championships Mitch Payton’s Pro Circuit team has adorning the walls of its big rig? Me neither. That would require way, way too much counting. Just kidding. They broke into the big 3-0 with Baggett’s 250 MX title in 2012. With that many titles, you know they must be doing something right.

Payton cut his teeth racing in the desert, where he gained experience both on and off the bike. He started out making modifications for late 1970s Huskys, but the business bloomed into a race team that moved from Hondas to Kawis. In addition to running its own factory-level team for Kawasaki, PC of course churns out stuff for all the other brands, too. A great deal of you probably already know this, so you also probably know that Pro Circuit exhaust pipes have been somewhat successful, to put it mildly.

Pro Circuit Ti-6 Titanium Exhaust SystemPhoto: photographer Pro Circuit Ti-6 Titanium Exhaust System

I had a chance to ride the all-new 2014 Yamaha YZ250F this fall at the Monster Mountain media intro. The new rearward-slanted engines they developed are certainly not lacking power, so I can’t imagine what slapping a PC Ti-6 Titanium Exhaust system would do for the bike. Even with the increase in power, the exhaust still meets the FIM sound requirements. With a price tag of $1,064.95, you know it’s got to be good.

Pro Circuit Outfitters New Era Snapback Pro Circuit Outfitters New Era Snapback

If you don’t have an extra $1k lying around like the rest of us, you can always opt for a classic Pro Circuit New Era snapback hat. These hats run at $29.95 a pop and the pinstripes will keep you looking like a G through the ’14 season. If snapbacks aren’t your thing and you don’t have one of those new YZ250Fs, you can always visit the Pro Circuit site HERE to check out other offerings. More power is just one click away.