The List: Moto Films

The List Moto Films

December 19, 2013 12:00pm

‘Tis the season, but there’s no racing! What does a motocross fan do to pass the holidays without losing his bench-racing edge? How about a video suggestion list of old-school motocross racing? These are online movie snippets and treasures from yesteryear, as well as a couple of recent gems to help hold you over until Anaheim.

This gem about “scrambling” in the sixties in England is bloody awesome! Imagine National Geographic making a moto film fifty years ago.

Scrambling in the Sixties shows what it was like to be a factory rider fifty years ago in England!

Here’s an amazing (and sometimes salty) look at the seemingly ancient sport of “moto ball,” which is also featured in the January ’14 issue of Racer X Illustrated.

This long-form commercial by 100% starring former factory rider Scott Burnworth and an Ossa by Keith Lynas is beautiful to behold.

One of many films our contributors pulled together, as well as one of our favorites.

This is a music video for the song "WOR" by Django Django, but it may be the single coolest motorcycling video of all time. (Sorry, Trixter and Poison fans!)

Django Django's "WOR" video is an amazing look at Indian riders in a circus wall-of-death, and the song is excellent, which is a bonus!!

Suzuki made this in 1970, with multi-time 250cc world champ Joel Robert showing what life was like as Team Suzuki was just getting started.

Here’s something a little more recent featuring more Suzukis, only this time it’s Roger DeCoster in the Trans-AMAs.

Johnny O'Mara's historic win at the 1980 U.S. Grand Prix of Motocross is featured in five parts.

Our own Scott Wallenberg and his dad, Wally, put together a home movie of the 1980 Valvoline 125cc USGP of Motocross at Mid-Ohio, which was won by Mugen Honda rider Johnny O’Mara in a shocking upset. This one is five parts, so start here with the first one to see some very cool old works 125cc bikes before they got completely destroyed in the mud!

The late Danny Hamel went into the AMA’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame in November, and BJ Smith pieced together this fantastic and touching intro for the ceremony.

If you were a Heikki Mikkola fan, this documentary is something you’ve been looking for your entire life!

The 1973 Spanish 250cc Grand Prix is shown in immortal black and white here. The film is not long but it's an important one in the history of American motocross.

Extremely rare footage of Jim Pomeroy becoming the first American to win a Grand Prix, the 1973 Spanish 250cc GP in Sabadel.

Want to see an all-time mud race? The 1984 Dutch GP at Heerlen, featuring Heinz Kinigadner.

Back in 1986 at the Unadilla 250cc Grand Prix, the legendary Bob “Hurricane” Hannah went up against Johnny O'Mara and finally had luck go his way.

Bob Hannah lifts off the start at the 1986 Unadilla 250cc Grand Prix.

This is another one of those amazing old clips from the old days: the 1969 500cc World Championship.

A promo video of the 1979 Grand Prix series for Team Honda.

A silent film from the 1975 Polka Dots National at Midland, Michigan.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 9.42.40 AM
Danny LaPorte battled Broc Glover in this old film from the '77 Florida Winter-AMA Series.

Danny LaPorte and Broc Glover go at it in the 1977 Florida Winter-AMAs, back when that series was as big as the outdoor nationals (and you won’t believe how sandy Gatorback used to be!)

Peter Starr, the epic filmmaker of yesteryear, pulled together this documentary about Honda teammates David Bailey and Bob Hannah in 1983.

How about Ronnie “Dogger” Lechien beating everyone on a mostly stock, Bevo Forti-wrenched Yamaha YZ250 at the '83 San Diego Supercross.

The old straight-up start at Schwanestadt, Austria, and a soundtrack by U2 make this short film worth watching.

We’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s worth checking out again: the 1978 Austrian Grand Prix at Schwanestadt, featuring the coolest start stretch EVER, plus seventies rivals Jaroslav Falta and Gennady Moiseev.

The 1988 Daytona Supercross, featuring Team Honda’s Ricky Johnson, and a voiceover by longtime SoCal race announcer Bruce Flanders.

Spotted this by the McCready bros. on The 1991 British 125cc Grand Prix, featuring young Stefan Everts and Bobby Moore (and a cameo by Willie Surratt, fast current prospect Ryan’s father).

Have some good suggestions for other online gems? Let us know in the comments below!