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December 17, 2013 4:15pm

Let’s just go ahead and get one crazy assumption out of the way: You probably came to this site as a racer, rider or fan of the sport rather than someone from the rest of the general population looking to buy a gift for a racer, rider or fan of the sport—well, unless you’re my grandma, but my grandma is awesome. She reads the site on the reg. What’s up, grandma! Anyways, what I’m getting at is the fact that you probably want most of these gifts for yourself, but that’s not really how the holidays work. You’ll spend the month leading up (or, for true professionals, the night before) Christmas buying gifts for others while hoping they aren’t at the GAP trying to figure out what type of fleece you’d look best in.


MOTO 5 is your savior. Since motocross is traditionally a family sport, chances are pretty good that you’ve got at least one person in your family that would love a copy of the most recent installment of the film series. I think you know where I’m going with this. Fortunately for you, half of everyone’s gifts require batteries that nobody remembered to pick up and virtually everything is closed on December 25th. All you have to do is wait patiently for the slightest hint of boredom to set in after all of the gifts are opened. Then say, “Hey (insert family member’s name here), want to watch that new MOTO 5 movie I got you? I heard Tyler Bereman’s part is pretty killer.” Voilà, you’ve successfully crossed someone off of your holiday list and reaped the benefits of “their” gift. It’s a win/win scenario, unless you tried to push this gift on your grandma. Don’t do that to grandma, even if your grandma isn’t awesome.


Wait, did you think the self-serving gifts for your family members stopped there? No way! If you’re under the same roof, a subscription to Racer X Illustrated is a must. You might have to put the subscription under someone else’s name, but by no means is it for their eyes only. Start checking the mailbox as if your less-than-stellar report card is about to arrive and you’ll score on this gift as well. The Racer X calendar that comes with the subscription may be a different story, but you can hash those details out later.

Click HERE for more info on MOTO 5.
Click HERE for more info on a Racer X Illustrated subscription.

Here’s a breakdown of the segments included in MOTO 5, in case you were wondering:

- Ryan Villopoto and Adam Cianciarulo // Villopoto’s Track
- Josh Cachia // Australian Coast
- Jimmy Decotis and Tom Parsons // Parson’s Compound
- Cody Webb, Taylor Robert and Kyle Redmond // Utah
- Tyler Bereman // Beaumont
- Justin Hill and Tyler Bereman // Hill’s Track
- Zach Osborne // Club MX
- Kailub Russell and Russell Bobbit // South Carolina
- Ronnie Renner // Glamis
- Blake Baggett // Glen Helen
- Cooper Webb // Chaney Ranch

Check out Josh Cachia’s bonus edition segment HERE for a glimpse at what MOTO 5 has to offer. It’s definitely one of the standout parts.