Thompson Wins at AX Tour

December 9, 2013 9:25am

Fountain, FL The 2014 Arenacross Tour made its way to east Mississippi for the fourth round of racing.  Cole Thompson returned to defend his Clash for Cash title, but after suffering an injury during the week, he was not able the post the consistent results he has so far this season. New riders such as Tyler Medaglia and Dave Ginolfi made an appearance in the pro classes, while others such as Josh Cartwright and Zachary Bishop-Barnett made the move up to the pro arenacross classes.

Heath Harrison was able to set the fastest lap out of both the AX Pro and the AX Pro Lites class in timed qualifying. Tyler Medaglia set the second fastest lap time in the AX Pro class with a 20.20 behind Harrison and the fastest lap time in the AX Lites Pro class.

Josh Cartwright made his pro arenacross debut this weekend and was able to take the win in the first heat race of the AX Pro Lites class. He was followed by Josh Struebig, Dave Ginolfi, Kyle Bitterman and Brice Klippel. Tyler Medaglia took the win in the second heat race, followed by Kyle White, Maxx Malatia, Johnny Moore, and Zachary Bishop-Burnett.

Maxx Malatia was able to grab an early lead in the AX Pro Lites main event, followed by Tyler Medaglia and Kyle White. Johnny Moore made a strong charge from the back of the back of the pack after getting pushed wide on the start. Ginolfi made the pass on White to move into third midway through the moto. Medaglia made a mistake after the finish line jump, causing him to lose a few spots. Malatia lead the second half of the moto to take the win followed by Dave Ginolfi, Kyle White, Tyler Medaglia and Josh Cartwright.

In the first heat of the AX Pro class, Cole Thompson had to work his way to the front of the pack to take the win while dealing with an injury sustained earlier in the week. Thompson was followed by Johnny Moore, Maxx Malatia, Tyler Medaglia, and Kyle Bitterman to round out the top five transfer spots. Heath Harrison took the win in the second heat race. Travis Sewell, Kyle White, Dave Ginolfi, and Mitchell Suire also transferred to the AX Pro main event. Karl Normand was able was able to lead and win the AX Pro LCQ and Josh Cartwright finished behind him to transfer into the main.

Johnny Moore grabbed the hole shot in AX Pro main event, he was followed by Cole Thompson and Dave Ginolfi. Travis Sewell made the pass into third as Thompson made the pass on Moore to take over the lead.  He was able to maintain the lead and take the win. Johnny Moore and Travis Sewell followed him.

In the Clash for Cash race, Dave Ginolfi was able to grab the hole shot with Travis Sewell and Tyler Medaglia on his heels. Maxxx Malatia moved in second, and Thompson was forced to make a strong charge from the back of the pack to make his way into the third spot. Midway through the moto, Ginolfi went down and Travis Sewell moved into the lead. Travis Sewell took the finale event win, with Tyler Medaglia in second, Cole Thompson in third, Maxx Malatia in fourth, and Kyle White in fifth.

AX Pro Lites Top Ten Overall:

1.     Maxx Malatia, HON

2.     Dave Ginolfi, KTM

3.     Kyle White, HON

4.     Tyler Medaglia, KTM

5.     Josh Cartwright, SUZ

6.     Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW

7.     Kyle Bitterman, HON

8.     Scott Zoat, KTM

9.     Johnny Moore, HON

10. Josh Struebig, KTM


AX Pro Top Ten Overall:

1.     Cole Thompson, KTM

2.     Travis Sewell, KTM

3.     Johnny Moore, HON

4.     Dave Ginolfi, KTM

5.     Maxx Malatia, HON

6.     Josh Cartwright, SUZ

7.     Kyle White, HON

8.     Tyler Medaglia, KTM

9.     Kyle Bitterman, HON

10. Karl Normand


Clash For Cash Overall:

1.     Travis Sewell, KTM

2.     Tyler Medaglia, KTM

3.     Cole Thompson, KTM

4.     Kyle White, HON

5.     Maxx Malatia, HON

6.     Kyle Bitterman, HON

7.     Johnny Moore, HON

8.     Scott Zoat, KTM

9.     Karl Normand, KTM

10. Zachary Bishop- Burnett, KAW