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Musquin Tops Hahn at Geneva

Night one of two of the Geneva Supercross kicked off Friday in Geneva, Switzerland. Red Bull KTM's Marvin Musquin would take the win followed by GEICO Honda's WIl Hahn and Frenchman Gregory Aranda.

SX1 Overall
1. Marvin Musqin KTM
2. Wil Hahn Hon
3. Gregory Aranda Kaw
4. Fabien Izoird Suz
5. Angelo Pellegrini Hon
6. Justin Brayton Yam
7. Loic Rombaut Hon
8. Boris Mallard Kaw
9. Sulivan Jaulin Kaw
10. Malcolm Stewart Hon
11. Matteo Bonini Kaw
12. Thomas Ramette Suz
13. Jason Clermont Suz
14. Charles Lefrancois Suz
15. Tyler Bowers Kaw
16. Julien Bill Hon
17. Kevin Ballanger Yam
18. Cedric Mannevy Suz

SX2 Overall
1. Simon Mallet Hon
2. Romain Berthome Hon
3. Sulivan Jaulin Kaw
4. Kevin Auberson KTM
5. Adrien Escoffier KTM

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