MotoE Sponsorship Program Opens

December 5, 2013 9:35am

Orlando, FL – MotoE [], is opening and expanding its amateur racing sponsorship program for the 2014 race season beginning on November 1st.  All applications will be reviewed and accepted thru December 20th 2013.  All riders will be notified of their sponsorship level by December 27th and begin receiving their MotoE Blueprint for Success Performance Program the week of December 30th, 2013.

Because of the success the MotoE Factory Team experienced in 2013, the 2014 sponsorship program will be expanded to two levels of sponsorship: Full Factory & Co-Factory.  Sponsorship will include product from our team sponsors (seventeen as of this press release), performance bonuses, media exposure bonuses, Nutritionally Green nutritional products and MotoE Performance services.

Our past amateur racing programs has led to the success of riders like Jordan Bailey, Cameron Cannon, Adam  Ciancirulio, Isaac Teasdale, Jake Pinhancos, Hunter Yoder, Bryson Taylor, Scott Meshey and Jasmine Canfield at high profile amateur races like Vurb Classics, Mini O’s, Mammoth, Ponca and Loretta Lynn’s.

Robb Beams, MotoE's owner and Director of Human Development commented, "Our goal in 2013 was to bring riders from outside the top ten at amateur nationals and improve their nutrition, fitness, mental and riding skills to where they are competing for top three finishes.  Not only did we accomplish this goal throughout our first year, we ended the season with 1 championship, 2 top five and 2 top ten finishes at Loretta’s”.

“Our focus again in 2014 is to provide amateur riders all over the country access to the same Blueprint of Success Performance Program that was created and implemented with our top amateurs & professionals over the last twenty-nine years.  This improved the rider’s speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, lean body mass and mental preparation to handle the physical & mental demands of high profile races.” states Beams.

“In addition to providing selected riders, customized coaching programs, MotoE will be providing trackside support at select amateur nationals & hosting private performance camps at Official MotoE Training Facilities located around the country geared towards specific amateur nationals.” added Beams.


All sponsored riders will have a responsibility of providing feedback on various training programs both on and off the track to help facilitate MotoE’s clinical research projects.  Feedback provided by all sponsored riders will also be incorporated into MotoE’s media partnership programs, MotoE’s eBooks, videos and online training programs available to riders online at


To submit your resume for review, please email your detailed race resume & race results from the last two seasons (if applicable), specific events you plan on attending during the 2014 race season, along with a short description of how MotoE can help you as a racer and how you intend on expanding the MotoE brand of services & products.

Please submit your resume elements to MotoE, Attention: Sponsorship, with 2014 Race Sponsorship in the subject line.

You can also apply via traditional mail by sending your printed resume to:

Moto Endurance

P.O. Box 915261

Longwood, FL 32791

Attn: 2014 Sponsorship