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Ladies' Night

December 5, 2013 4:30pm
You can brag about using your dirt bike coolness to reel in a lady (even if it’s only because you conned her into thinking C riders are the fastest) but the short term game is (relatively) easy. Once she realizes she’s dating a guy who races every weekend at Podunk Speedway instead of Angel Stadium, you’re doing something right if she still embraces the lifestyle.

Listen closely, fellas: Proof of embracement comes not on the nights she comes home with you, but the mornings after. Onto Exhibit A (which would be ranked ahead of C): Thor’s line of ladies PJs. These are pajamas. She’s not going to wear them at the track. This is 100 percent, “I have learned to like this motocross thing a lot and I’m proud of it.” Now you're a winner, regardless of how fast you can go.


The Flora Long PJ’s are available in gray or teal and retails for $52.95. The Disco Short PJ’s are $49.95 and are also available in teal or black. Both are made from super-comfy brushed poly and spandex for a soft feel and fitted look.

Go to to get more info and find a list of authorized Thor dealers.