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Santa's Goggles

November 29, 2013 1:00pm

While bar banging and block passing our way through Black Friday sales (now on Thursday, no less) we were of course inundated with Christmas music. You could tune out the world via MP3s under a set of Skullcandys, but what are the Holidays without the collective experience of fighting over a 32-inch flat screen?

One song you’ll hear at least 5736 times before December 25th is the Beach Boys’ classic “Little Saint Nick.” Last night in the store (or was it this morning? The lines are Robin Thicke blurred) we noted a key lyric:

Check it out on YouTube to reference, it comes in at 1:22


“He’s gotta wear goggles ‘cause the snow really flies.”

Ah yes, Santa Claus wears goggles! While still bored in the store, we rolled up a Google Images search of Santa in goggles, and found this:



Hey, is that a pair of Smith Fuel v.2 Sweat-X goggles in Acid W3?


We believe so. And Santa made a good choice because these goggs feature Sweat-X F.A.T. 3-layer face foam—you need some fat foam to fit over those fat cheeks. Plus, these goggles include roll offs, which we think might help with the snow. Travis Pastrana has performed some crazy tricks in these goggles, so bouncing from roof top to roof top should be no problem. Hmmm, Travis has pulled back on the NASCAR thing. Maybe jumping from chimney to chimney will be his next move? He’s a dad now so….

Anyway, these goggles also work well for motocross. They cost $65 and include the roll offs and a goggle bag. Might even fit in a stocking. Check it out HERE.