Skaggs Wins at AX Tour

November 26, 2013 3:10pm

Fountain, FL – The Arenacross Tour visited Bowling Green, KY where Cole Thompson extended his winning streak as the Clash for Cash class points leader. Each round this season has brought out more new names to the series to increase the talent pool in the pro classes. Mike McDade visited the series for first time and set the fastest lap in timed qualifying for both classes. Top riders from AX Pro and AX Pro Lites classes set lap times that were extremely close on one of the tightest tracks of the season.

In the first heat of the AX Pro class, Willy Browning of Pleasantville, Ohio was able to get out to an early lead. Dave Blanchet and James Justice followed for the first few laps until Cole Thompson made the pass into second. Thompson was forced to make a strong charge into the transfer spots after getting pushed wide on the start. Blanchet went down and Thompson capitalized on the mistake and move into second. Browning maintained the lead to take the win, followed by Cole Thompson, Dave Blanchet, Kyle White, and Kyle Regal in the top five transfer spots.

In heat two of the AX Pro Class, Travis Sewell was able to get out front early and stay there to take the win. Nathan Skaggs and Luke Vonlinger battled for second throughout the moto. Mike McDade set fastest lap in timed qualifying, but after going down on the first lap in the heat race he was forced to the LCQ. The top five riders in the second heat race for the AX Pro class were Travis Sewell, Nathan Skaggs, Luke Vonlinger, Taylor Perry and Alex Ray. Maxx Malatia and Michael Akaydin secured transfer spots to the AX Pro main event after finishing first and second in the LCQ.

In the AX Pro main event, Nathan Skaggs was able to take the moto win. Maxx Malatia settled into the number two spot with Cole Thompson in third. Kyle Regal and Willy Browning battled for the fourth and fifth spots. The top five riders in the AX Pro main event were Skaggs, Malatia, Thompson, Regal and Browning.

After going down in the heat race for the AX Pro class and not getting the results he wanted in the LCQ, Mike McDade shot out of the gate to grab the hole shot in the first heat of the AX Pro Lites class. Once out front he pulled away from the pack to take the heat race win. Luke Vonlinger, Kyle White, Dave Blanchet and Taylor Perry transferred into the AX Pro Lites main.

In the second heat of the AX Pro Lites class, Nathan Skaggs was able to get out front and stay there. Travis Sewell and Karl Normand had a heated battle for second, but Sewell was able to edge out Normand. The top five included Nathan Skaggs, Travis Sewell, Karl Normand, Brice Klippel, and Maxx Malatia.  James Justice and Scott Zoat were able to secure transfer spots from the AX Pro Lites LCQ to race in the main event.

After dominating heat two of the AX Pro Lites class, Nathan Skaggs headed to the main event with confidence. The Ohio native was able to put his arenacross experience to the test and take the main event win. Dave Blanchet and Karl Normand of Quebec, Canada have raced the first three rounds of the Tour and notched their best finishes in Bowling Green finishing second and third in the AX Pro Lites main event. Luke Vonlinger finished fourth with Kyle White behind him.

Top riders from the AX Pro and AX Pro Lites class headed to the Clash for Cash. Brice Klippel of Westville, TN grabbed the hole shot, however Maxx Malatia quickly took over the lead. Thompson made a charge to the front of the pack to challenge Malatia for first. Thompson made the pass into first, with Malatia still in second and Willy Browning moved into third at the halfway point of the race. Brice Kliplel, Kyle Regal, and Travis Sewell battled for the next three spots as intensity increased with only a few laps to go. Malatia and Browning made contact in the turn before the finish, allowing Sewell to move into second with Regal behind him. Malatia was able to get up and going again but Browning headed back to the pits. Thompson maintained the lead with Travis Sewell finishing second, Kyle Regal in third, Brice Klippel finished fourth and Nathan Scaggs worked his way up to fifth.

AX Pro Lites Top Ten Overall:

1. Nathan Skaggs, KAW

2. Dave Blanchet, KAW

3. Karl Normand, KTM

4. Luke Vonlinger, HON

5. Kyle White, HON

6. Maxx Malatia, HON

7. Brice Klippel, HON

8. Scott Zoat, KTM

9. Travis Sewell, KTM

10. James Justice, KAW


AX Pro Top Ten Overall:

1. Nathan Skaggs, KAW
2. Maxx Malatia, HON
3. Cole Thompson, KTM
4. Kyle Regal, HON
5. Willy Browning, KTM
6. Travis Sewell, KTM
7. Luke Vonlinger, HON
8. Dave Blanchet, KAW
9. Taylor Perry, YAM
10. Alex Ray, HON

Clash For Cash Overall:

1. Cole Thompson, KTM

2. Travis Sewell, KTM

3. Kyle Regal, HON

4. Brice Klippel, HON

5. Nathan Skaggs, KAW

6. Kyle White, HON

7. Maxx Malatia, HON

8. Dave Blanchet, KAW

9. Karl Normand, KTM

10. Luke Vonlinger, HON

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