MB1 Rear Holeshot Device

November 26, 2013 1:00pm

Introducing the new (HSL) from MB1 Motorsports. Rear Holeshot Link System. Available for all KTMs, 2013-2014CRF250,2013-2014 CRF450, 2014 KXF250/KXF450. We developed a special rear suspension linkage arm to balance the bike improving overall stability and cornering by lowering the back part of the bike without making the rear suspension softer. This way the bike will have more stability and easier to ride entering corners and is also designed to reduce rear end kicking and pitching to the front. No other set up is needed to your suspension with this link and installation is very easy . The Factory Linkage Arm is CNC-machined out of High Grade 7075 Alloy. Comes all ready to bolt on with original OEM bearings and dust seals.

Both front and rear holeshot devices must be used at the same time. The MB1 Motorsports rear system brings the bike down 130mm.  The front holeshot device is also used  from 120-140mm which levels the bike out. The traction from the chain will lift the rear wheel up and will give less traction on the tire when you use the front holeshot system only.  When you use only the front system on the start it brings all the weight to the front then you create wheel spin without traction. The second good point from the system is you have better control of your bike with lower center of gravity at the start. With many short riders the bike under the same angle they will not be able to put both legs on the floor and that results in the rider always going slowly to the right. The Honda and Kawasaki Factory teams have used it during the second part of the GP season with great success. YZF and RMZ systems will be available soon along with 85cc MB1 Motorsports Holeshot Link devices. . Major traction increase at the start. Pull a easy Holeshot on your competition.


Limited Quantity Available

Retail: $399.99