Your Collection: Rare Bob Hannah Jersey

November 10, 2013 6:00am

This week's collection comes from Racer X's own, Davey Coombs.

Dear Matt,

This is a very rare Yamaha promotional jersey that the company gave awaqy following Bob Hannah's win in the 1976 Florida Winter-AMA Series. These were the pre-JT Racing days of Hannah, and right about the time that Coca-Cola came out with the "Mean" Joe Greene commercials. It was also way before the days of "gimme-your-jersey" and open pits; my dad got it for me at the local Yamaha shop.

Somewhere in this office, I also have JMB's last AMA National jersey from Budds Creek, a Dave Thorpe jersey, and Jacky Vimond's pink Unadilla jersey from the '85 USGP.

Davey Coombs
Racer X