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Racer X Tested: 2013 RMZ250F Big Bore


Cylinder Works 3mm Big bore Cylinder Kit 269cc the kit includes a Forged Vertex Piston kit, Cometic Top-End gasket kit and new complete plated Cylinder. 800-336-5437

Hot Cams Stage One camshafts 800-336-5437


FMF Racing RCT 4.1 Muffler and Ti Megabomb header 800-336-5437

MotoTassinari Air4orce air boot  $298.00 800-336-5437


CV4 Silicone Coolant hoses and High pressure radiator cap 800-336-5437


Renthal   Rear sprocket(stock is 49),  R1 Works Chain 800-336-5437


Tokyomods Vortex Ignition 888-457-9403


VP Racing Fuels U 4.4 – mixed half and half with 91 pump 210-635-7744


Uni Filter Two-Stage Air Filter 800-336-5437


Dunlop Tire MX51 front 80/100-21 MX 31 rear 110/80-19 800-336-5437


Tusk Oversized Typhoon front rotor kit 800-336-5437


DeCal Works Semi-Custom Graphics kit with #’s 815-784-4000


Race Tech Suspension re-valve 951 279 6655