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I was just wondering if you know anything about Jarryd McNeil? Do people hate this man? In my opinion Jarryd should have won every best whip competition in the last four years (excluding this year’s X Games where Hansen clearly took it to another level.) Now I understand X Games has been considered a popularity contest lately in terms of best whip voting but why did he not take the top step of the podium at MEC where there were actual judges? His reverse whip was INSANE! I know you've had best whip questions before but mine has more to do with the reputation of the two stroke whipping phenom. By the way, I think the head flick looks sick; I don't care what anyone says.




  • Turn-back with a head flick? Eewwww, no.

I don’t know Jarryd but there is no question he is talented on a dirt bike. I don’t think people hate him but he doesn’t have the “bro” following that some of the others in FMX do. That wouldn’t be a big deal if he wasn’t competing in an event that is judged… but he is. And judged competitions are generally bullsh!t. Unless somebody literally defies the laws of physics [ala Hanny at X] judges are going to allow their subjective opinions to sway their vote. For instance, I think the head flick, turn-back whip-180 is the gayest thing since Anderson Cooper 360. Therefore, Jarryd would not have liked the score he would have received from me if I were judging that whip contest. Once again, individual interpretation of what a whip actually is muddies the water of the whole event. If Jarryd isn’t pleased with the outcome of these contests I would suggest he get into some type of discipline that produces a clear-cut winner when it’s over. And also that he stops doing that head flick immediately.



What's up Ping! I just had one question about Tomac’s new national number. I see he is rocking the #3 now, which I thought was Mike Brown's number. I don't know how the system works as far as getting new national numbers and what you do to keep your number but I thought as long as you raced so many races, or gained so many points, you were able to keep your number!? Didn't Mike Brown race a few races outdoors this MX season and do pretty decent against these young guys!? Wouldn't Mike be able to continue to use the #3 after racing those races and getting some points? Or do the rules work differently than I'm thinking? Or did he maybe just kinda step down and let someone else (Tomac) take over the #3?

Thank you for reading, and have a good weekend man.

Adam Crocker,
Photos by Bush
Phoenix, AZ



  • Brownie is still rocking the 3 in EnduroCross.

In the past riders only had to earn one national point in order to keep their professional racing number. However, that system was holding up some good numbers and guys were showing up at one race per year and holding on to their numbers for a long time after their careers were over. The rule was changed several years ago and now you must earn 25 national points to maintain your permanent national number. Mike did race some nationals this summer but he was unable to score 25 points, putting his former number up for grabs. Mike Brown has had [and is still having] one of the longest careers in the sport and he did the number 3 proud.




Let’s get the ass kissing out of the way… Ask ping is the first thing I read every Friday morning. Your wit, sir, is truly legendary. Please, for the love of sweet, little, baby Jesus keep that stuff coming! I have seen countless videos of Jay Clark building bikes using the Cylinder Works big bore kits. The first that I saw was with the 2012 CRF250R, which you rode. I am in the process of rebuilding the motor in my 2009 CRF450R, and for the simple fact that it is only $100 bucks more than the OEM parts, it seems stupid to not go with this kit. My question for you is: Can I expect the same reliability out of the Cylinder Works kit as I would have from the OEM parts? Have you ridden a 450 with a big bore kit in it? If so, was it a noticeable gain? I would really appreciate any information you could give me. I will be looking forward to the newest Ask Ping in the morning!

Thank you,
Ryan Obert



  • Hope she got a flu shot this year.

Thanks for reading. I’m a big fan of the big bore kits on the 250. They offer more power without sacrificing any reliability and you can run pump fuel without any ramifications. You also use most of the OEM parts inside the engine and, to answer one of your questions, yes, you can expect great reliability from the Cylinder Works parts. However, I’ve never ridden a 450 big bore kit and I honestly can’t conceive of a time when I might need such horsepower. Pro hill climbing, maybe? Tree stump removal? Suicide? There is so much unbridled power available at the twist of the throttle on any of the modern 450s that increasing the displacement is going to yield results like using a bazooka to kill a gopher. I’m worried about you, Ryan. Not worried enough that I’m going to lose sleep or anything, but worried in the same way I worry about Miley Cyrus licking everything. It’s cold and flu season, Miley, keep your tongue in your mouth! Anyway, good luck with that. I hope you don’t tear your arms out of their sockets.




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