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Ride Engineering Linkage Review

Last year Ride Engineering and Team, based out of Orangeville, IL teamed up to race Arenacross with their lead rider Kyle White finishing just outside the top ten in points. The team was very happy with the way the Ride Engineering triple clamps and links made their bikes handle. This year the team will consist of #11 Kyle White and newcomer Maxx Malatia along with 3 other members racing Arenacross Lites. Renewing our support for 2014, it was only natural to ask the team for feedback on our new CRF full linkage assembly since the team will be contesting the series on 2014 CRF250Rs. The quote below is from Kyle:

"After testing the Ride Engineering linkage on the Arenacross whoops and feeling as if it soaked up the whoops a little too much for my liking,  I was very excited to try it out in a different atmosphere. I hit the motocross track Saturday night September 28th in Mendota, IL and was immediately impressed with the linkage. I could carry more speed through the breaking bumps without the rear end dancing around while entering corners and it also seemed to help accelerate hard through the chop coming out of the turns!  All around it gave my bike a very settled feeling in the rear end which led to my first Pro-Am win in the 250A class, Thanks Ride Engineering!"

Although its possible that the team will not use our linkage to race Arenacross, Ride Engineering cannot be any happier with Kyle's test results because the system was intended for rough outdoor motocross tracks. Thanks for the feedback Kyle, now everyone at Ride Engineering will feel confident recommending our linkage system to 2014 CRF250 riders.

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