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Rock Oil Rider Support Program

Los Gatos, CA - Since 1928, Rock Oil has been setting the standard in innovative motorcycle lubricants.

Established and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Rock Oil is the preferred brand for synthetic 4 stroke oil, 2 stroke pre-mix, gear oil, brake fluid, chain lube, coolant, air filter oil and suspension fluid for many British Champions, and is now expanding distribution efforts in the United States.

Brought to the United States by former GP racer Gary Rabe in 1990, Rock Oil has established a strong following in the San Francisco Bay Area and is now poised to expand distribution of their quality products Nationwide.

Rock Oil USA is excited to announce their brand new line of strawberry scented synthetic two-stroke premix, along with their new Factory Eco Foam air filter fluid. Factory Eco Foam is a water-washable air filter fluid that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals in order to clean your air filter; simply apply warm water and agitate to clean.

Rock Oil USA is also proud to announce their 2014 race season sponsorship program. Rock Oil is opening their program for all skill levels from amateur to professional. To apply for support from one of the leading lubricant companies in the world, simply send your racing resume to

To receive information about becoming a Rock Oil dealer please contact Rock Oil USA’s VP of Sales & Marketing Shawn Ovens at

To learn further about the products offered by Rock Oil USA, please visit and for daily updates follow Rock Oil USA on Instagram @rockoilusa.

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