Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

October 11, 2013 9:30am

Hey Ping,

Just a quick one, what’s your opinion on the latest ProCircuit T/Ti-6 pipes apparently NOT meeting AMA / FIM noise standards. Is this an irresponsible move by PC or are they just trying to make a few £’s....sorry, $’s even if it is at the expense of possibly losing tracks?  I know over this side of the pond we have lost a lot of tracks due to noise over the last 10 years – is noise less of a problem in USA where you have so much more space?

I was just starting to think with the OEM standard exhausts being quieter we may be starting to tackle the issue…slightly.






  • Ello, Luv.

[Brit speak]

Cheers, Guv’nor! These blokes making loud pipe tippies are barmy! A proper sounding scoot is the dog’s bollocks but these chaps are blinkered if they think it won’t bugger our riding spots. I’ll have a sitty down on the chim chum with Mitch Payton and tell him loud pipes are naff and the whole issue has gone pear shaped.

Give us a bell if you have more questions. Cheerio

[American English]

Bro, that sucks! Loud bikes are, like, so totally lame. A good sounding bike is killer but the noise is totes shutting down our riding spots. I’ll have a bull-ish sesh with Payton and find out what’s up because they have always been on-point with the noise issue. Hit me up later, bro brah.




Howdy there Ping!

Just had a couple quick questions for you. First off; When it comes to AMA pros on the SX/MX circuits, do they pay for their own health care out of pocket? Or is there some kind of coverage through the team they are on (if they are on a team) or maybe some kind of coverage offered to all the riders through the AMA, almost like an AMA version of Obama-care that’s offered to all the pros? Next question is when it comes to a racer being injured: do they still get paid the same monthly salary? Or does it get cut down the weeks or month they are unable to go out and compete? Any info would be great, I’ve always been interested in the ways the industry works rather than just the stuff they show during the race broadcasts.




  • Hospital room hammocks now available with most PPO’s

Riders are contracted labor and therefore not entitled to insurance coverage by the manufacturers or teams. There is a secondary insurance policy available to AMA Pro Racing members, which covers a portion of what your primary insurance does not cover, but you must have a primary health insurance policy. It is solely the riders responsibility to get that coverage and when you tell an adjuster that you race dirt bikes for a living the premiums head north in a hurry. The good news is you can now sign up for Obamacare and get…oh; wait the system is down again. Sorry, folks.

Contracts differ but when a rider gets hurt they will typically draw their normal salary for a month or two [sometimes it is based on how many races they miss] and then the amount decreases incrementally until the rider makes a return to racing. It’s a tough pill to swallow for a team to pay a guy sitting at home on his couch. This can also force riders back to the track before they are ready, which isn’t good for anybody. Hope I answered your questions.




Hi Ping,

Very cool you talking about me, I appreciate a lot,hope be back this year and make a lot better.

Thanks a lot

Have a nice day

Jean Carlos Ramos


  • Jean Carlos Ramos thrills yet another crowd.
Jean Carlos Ramos,

It is just an honor to be in the same pit area with one of South America’s most prominent television action stars. I’ve heard you do all your own stunts and that is truly brave and bold of you. I’d love to be in films but it just isn’t for everyone as the camera adds ten pounds and I’m not okay with that. I wish you the best of luck in your career.



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