The List: First Pitches

The List First Pitches

October 4, 2013 11:15am
By Jason Weigandt and Aaron Hansel

It’s October, and although America’s sports landscape is now dominated by the NFL, we’re supposed to link this month with playoff baseball. Oh, what’s that? You only care about moto? No problem, we have a baseball and motocross themed List this week, featuring the famous first pitches made by supercross stars. Still don’t like it? Well, we’ll be done after three strikes …. wait, we might be here awhile.

Ken Roczen

To be fair, baseball is not the National Pastime in Germany. But as the 2013 Western Region 250SX Champion, Ken has proven he can adapted to American stadiums quite well.


Wil Hahn

Wilbur fired a 95 MPH cutter that was practically unhittable. Or something like that


Mike Alessi

Mike is known for the excellent timing on his release point—the ball just comes firing out of the hole.


Ryan Villopoto

Honestly, this one has Dianna Dahlgren in it. Everything looks good!


Vicki Golden

First, Vicki Golden throws out some whip expertise, then she throws out the first pitch. The goal is similar, though—try to get as much movement in the air as possible.

We couldn’t find video on these, but advanced baseball sabermetricians to tell us the following things happened: Travis Pastrana threw the first pitch during a minor league game between the Sacramento River Cats and Portland Beavers. Travis is a master of many sports, but they usually involve wheels. It’s probably best to keep it that way…Chad Reed threw the first pitch in 2008 at an Angels game…Ashley Fiolek threw out the first pitch at a Pittsburgh Pirates game in 2009 before the Steel City National….Jeremy McGrath—always an originator—threw out the first pitch at a Cardinals Rockies game in 2002.