Novik Introduces Cold War Glove

October 3, 2013 1:15pm

This glove has a rubberized palm that is a single layer. We had Dirt Rider test three different palms for us and this is the one they said worked the best. We also have a bunch of EX guys in Oregon try them and they all agreed on the same palm. They fell in dirt, mud and snow and all said the palm still had grip after.

This glove has a thin top layer as well. However, it has a windstopper material woven into the top to stop wind from getting on your sweating hand, thus deflecting your hand from freezing.


These also come with a hand warmer that slides in a pocket up top. You will see this when you get them.

You can use the glove with or without the warmer. This has a velcro enclosure and a terry cloth thumb so you can whip you nose off ... SOFTLY. Or you can just warm your hands up on a cold day chopping wood?!!

The glove retails for 34.98 in shops and online.

The biggest complaint we got when we were asking about cold weather gloves was that they always seemed to be to bulky up top. Well, we fixed that.