iBOOSTER Rider Support Open

October 2, 2013 10:10am
Santa Ana, CA. – Booster Motorsports, parent company of iBOOSTER, is proud to announce the opening of the 2014 Rider Support program.

iBOOSTER sponsors over 350 amateur and professional athletes for all racing (SMB, Watercraft, ATV, SxS) but our roots remain planted in  motocross/off-road.  We invite riders to send a brief resume and pictures to iboosterathletes@gmail.com; applications close November 30, 2013.

iBOOSTERs clean, consistent, perfect burn provides better low-end response, eliminates bogs and vastly improves hot-starting; vital after stalling/crashing during a race.  For 2-stroke and four-stroke owners (Off-road, FMX, and Motocross), the iBOOSTER F1, F1A, or F2 have you covered.

For more information about iBOOSTER, to read the latest magazine reviews, and to identify the application for your bike, please visit www.boostermotorsports.com


iBOOSTER’s patented technology allows for a longer spark duration which drastically burns fuel quicker and more efficiently.  The result of this rapid, efficient burn has far reaching benefits from eliminating bogs, improving cold and hot starting, and providing crisper, improved throttle response.  iBOOSTER is a proud sponsor of Costa Rica Unlimited, and Airway MX Park, and TSM Racing (Two Stroke Racing).