Mark Barnett to Re-design Gatorback

September 20, 2013 9:35am

Gainesville, Florida - Unlimited Sports MX is pleased to announce that they have hired Mark Barnett (3 time AMA National Motocross Champion and Supercross Champion) to re-design and re-build the Gatorback supercross track for this year's Mini O's. For the past 16 years Barnett and his partner, Glen Bates, have built supercross tracks for many of the top professional and amateur racers in the US and abroad.

Tim Ferry was also on hand during the re-build to assist Barnett in designing a very competitive amateur supercross track with safety in mind for every obstacle. Ferry had this to say, "Wyn asked me to come up and help with the design. The goal was to build a fun track for amateurs and keep it as safe as possible. After taking a few laps on the track, I can say we accomplished our goals"

Wyn Kern, president of Unlimited Sports MX commented "Barnett did such a great job on the supercross track, we turned him loose on the motocross track for some upgrades, re-design, also dumped a ton of sand back on the track."

The 2013 VP Racing Fuel Florida Gold Cup Series starts September 28-29 at Gatorback Cycle Park.  Saturday, September 28th will be a practice day. There will be motocross practice from 9am-12pm and supercross practice from 12pm-3pm. On Sunday, September 29th, practice starts at 8am and racing will follow just after practice.

The final round of the 2013 VP Racing Fuel Florida Gold Cup Series at Gatorback, October 26-27, will feature the same schedule for practice on Saturday and racing on Sunday.

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