Pit Posse Accepting Resumes

September 12, 2013 1:40pm

St Petersburg, FL - Pit Posse Motorsports is now accepting sponsorship applications for 2014. Join top athletes like Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Team BTO Sports and Tim Ferry as part of our rider support program, promoting and representing the Pit Posse Motorsports brand.

Applications will be accepted from 9/01/2013 through 9/01/2014.

What We're Looking For:
Whether you are a pro or a weekend warrior racing a beginner class, there is room for you on the Posse. We are looking for someone who shows a good racing attitude and promotes our company at their best and to show a positive look on everything. Also a clean racing image.

Apply online at www.hookit.com/pitposse

Hookit.com is the most comprehensive, entirely free platform for athletes seeking exposure and support. Since 2001, Hookit exists to support the athletes. Learn more at www.hookit.com/sponsorship/motocross

ABOUT Pit Posse Motorsports
Pit Posse Motorsports' product line hit in early 2002 and has rapidly been growing into your source for high quality tools, trailer accessories, and bike accessories. Pit Posse is always striving to produce the best and most high quality products out there!