Introducing MotoFinder

September 4, 2013 1:35pm

We would like to introduce you to MotoFinder! The MotoFinder App that will be launched in 2014 for Android and Apple phones. The App will find your current location and provide you with information on local tracks, vendors and other motocross related geographic locations. You will also be able to search by City and State if you do not currently use location services on your phone. Upon logging in you will be asked to create an account or connect using Facebook. After logging in you will have two views on locations. The first view will be a sortable list of tracks, vendors, etc...The second view will be a map view which will allow you to see pinpoints on the map to get directions and contact information.

On top of this we will have many other features for our users to upload race videos, pics and much more! As we continue to build MotoFinder we will be posting details on our Facebook (MotoFinder) and Instagram (@MotoFinder) pages as well as our website set to launch in September of this year. We hope to have you as a MotoFinder fan, follower and downloader in the near future!

In the meantime if you have a local track that you would like to see included in our App feel free to email us at with the track name and/or contact information.