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Rocky Mountain ATV/MC How To

How to lace a motorcycle wheel‬ (above)

There are a lot of different reasons you would need to replace a rim or your spokes. Spokes can go missing or they might be broken or bent. Same thing with your rim, if it's cracked or bent you may want to replace it. This video will demonstrate the proper way to tear down a motorcycle wheel, and then show you how to properly lace the wheel with a new spoke kit and a new rim. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries all the OEM and aftermarket parts you need to rebuild your dirt bikes wheels. For a complete list of oem and aftermarket parts and accessories check out our website Rocky Mountain ATV/!

‪How to true a motorcycle wheel‬

After replacing a rim or spokes on your motorcycle wheel, you will need to true the wheel. This video demonstrates the proper way to true a motorcycle wheel using the Tusk Truing Stand and spoke torque wrench. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries all the tools and parts you would need to completely rebuild and re-true your motorcycle wheels. For a complete list of OEM and aftermarket parts for your machine visit our website Rocky Mountain!

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