Bench Racing  Ammo: Stat Chat

Bench Racing Ammo Stat Chat

August 28, 2013 5:00pm
The big trophies from the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship were handed out on Sunday night at the series Night of Champions (that's the marketing department way of saying awards ceremony). We know Ryan Villopoto and Eli Tomac are champions. But check out some of the other mini-awards within the series (eagle eyed readers will note this is a follow up to a mid-season stats piece we did. Sadly, we don't have an award for you).

By Chase Stallo and Jason Weigandt


RC Hard Charger Award

This award is presented to the rider who passes the most riders in a moto each weekend. The officials simply look at the first lap positions and the final lap positions and see who moved up the most, so the majority of these trophies go to riders who went down on the first lap.

There is an actual RC Hard Charger trophy that is handed out each weekend at the rider's meeting. They idea is to honor Ricky Carmichael's never-give-up spirit, and we get that. But honestly, RC somehow hardly ever went down in the first turn at a National. When you're good, you're good.

Hangtown Malcolm Stewart & Cole Seely
Thunder Valley Jason Anderson
Tennessee Justin Bogle
High Point Broc Schmelyun
Budds Creek Phil Nicoletti
Moto-X 338 Ryan Villopoto
RedBud Adam Cianciarulo
Washougal Trey Canard
Spring Creek Ryan Villopoto
Unadilla Marvin Musquin
Utah Dakota Tedder
Lake Elsinore Adam Cianciarulo

He's from Florida, he rides a Kawasaki, ruled Loretta's on a minicycle, trains with Aldon Baker ... and now Adam Cianciarulo has two RC Hard Charger Awards. The similarity is frightening!

Oakley Bomb Award

Handed out each week to the fastest qualifier in each class.

Hangtown 450 Justin Barcia 01:58.0
250 Eli Tomac 01:57.5
Thunder Valley 450 Ryan Villopoto 02:03.4
250 Eli Tomac 02:03.7
Tennessee 450 Josh Grant 02:03.4
250 Ken Roczen 02:02.0
High Point 450 Ryan Villopoto 02:13.5
250 Blake Baggett 02:14.8
Budds Creek 450 James Stewart 01:58.6
250 Eli Tomac 01:59.9
Moto-X 338 450 James Stewart 01:55.0
250 Eli Tomac 01:58.3
RedBud 450 Ryan Villopoto 02:15.7
250 Eli Tomac 02:18.0
Washougal 450 Ryan Villopoto 02:07.9
250 Ken Roczen 02:08.7
Spring Creek 450 Ryan Villopoto 01:53.3
250 Eli Tomac 01:53.4
Unadilla 450 Ryan Villopoto 02.16.3
250 Eli Tomac 02.15.6
Utah 450 Ryan Villopoto 02.02.1
250 Eli Tomac 02.00.9
Lake Elsinore 450 Josh Grant 02:09.6
250 Eli Tomac 02:09.1

Eli Tomac won nine of these and Ryan Villopoto won seven. Yeah, consistency, podiums, blah blah, blah. Speed wins championships. Holeshot Award

The actual rules for the end of the year holeshot bonus is a little complicated. A moto 1 holeshot is worth 1 holeshot point, a moto 2 is worth 2, and getting both in one day gives you a bonus for a total of four.

That's all well and good as it leads to a $25,000 bounty in the 450 class and $15,000 in the 250s. But it kind of muddles up the stats on who is really the best starter. So let's just tell you who got the holeshot in each moto this year.

Hangtown 450M1 James Stewart
450M2 James Stewart
250M1 Blake Baggett
250M2 Zach Bell
Thunder Valley 450M1 Justin Barcia
450M2 Justin Barcia
250M1 Zach Osborne
250M2 Jeremy Martin
Tennessee 450M1 Ryan Villopoto
450M2 Justin Barcia
250M1 Justin Bogle
250M2 Eli Tomac
High Point 450M1 Justin Barcia
450M2 Josh Grant
250M1 Zach Osborne
250M2 Marvin Musquin
Budds Creek 450M1 Mike Alessi
450M2 Mike Alessi
250M1 Wil Hahn
250M2 Wil Hahn
Moto-X 338 450M1 James Stewart
450M2 Ryan Dungey
250M1 Wil Hahn
250M2 Ken Roczen
RedBud 450M1 Josh Grant
450M2 James Stewart
250M1 Wil Hahn
250M2 Zach Osborne
450M1 Ryan Dungey
450M2 Josh Grant
250M1 Justin Bogle
250M2 Wil Hahn
Spring Creek 450M1 Justin Barcia
450M2 James Stewart
250M1 Wil Hahn
250M2 Wil Hahn
Unadilla 450M1 Ryan Villopoto
450M2 Ryan Villopoto
250M1 Wil Hahn
250M2 Martin Davalos
Utah 450M1 Ryan Villopoto
450M2 Ryan Sipes
250M1 Martin Davalos
250M2 Justin Bogle
Lake Elsinore 450M1 Josh Grant
450M2 Justin Brayton
250M1 Zach Osborne
250M2 Zach Osborne

Number of Holeshots

Justin Barcia 5 Wil Hahn 8
James Stewart 5 Zach Osborne
Ryan Villopoto
Justin Bogle
Josh Grant 4
Jeremy Martin 2
Ryan Dungey
Martin Davalos
Mike Alessi
Marvin Musquin 1
Ryan Sipes
Ken Roczen 1
Justin Brayton 1 Blake Baggett 1
Eli Tomac
Zach Bell 1

The actual bonus came down to these stats below. Hahn seemed to have the 250 award wrapped up the day he showed up for his first race of the year. Stewart had to sweat out Barcia and Villopoto, who each had a shot at the $25,000 in the final race of the year. Luckily for Stewart, JGR Yamaha men Grant and Brayton nailed the starts and locked Barcia and Villopoto out. Look at that, JGR is still helping Stewart make money!

Holeshot Points

450 Class 250 Class
James Stewart
Wil Hahn 13
Justin Barcia
Zach Osborne 8
Ryan Villopoto
Jeremy Martin 4
Josh Grant 6
Justin Bogle 4
Mike Alessi
Martin Davalos 3
Ryan Dungey
Eli Tomac 2
Ryan Sipes
Marvin Musquin 2
Justin Brayton 2 Ken Roczen 2
Zach Bell 2
Blake Baggett 1