Lake Elsinore:  250 Moto 1 Report

Lake Elsinore: 250 Moto 1 Report

August 24, 2013 5:50pm

GEICO Honda’s Zach Osborne started the first 250 moto of the day by ripping a spectacular looking holeshot, pulling a wheelie down almost the entire start straight. Unfortunately for Osborne it didn’t last, and he soon surrendered spots to Ken Roczen, Jeremy Martin Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin. Blake Baggett started outside of the top twenty, and after putting in a bit of a charge, experienced problems and pulled out on lap eleven.

Up front it was Ken Roczen, who seemed much more like the early-season Roczen than the one we’ve seen lately. He pulled a huge gap over Martin in second, and even when Tomac passed Martin and started going after Roczen, he wasn’t able to make up much, if any, ground on the German.

Speaking of Tomac passing Martin, it was one of the greatest passes of the entire season. Tomac pulled out a move where he was using the final bump in a roller section to boost himself into the air and step on to the following tabletop. The roller he was using as a launch was tiny, and the first time he did it, jaws smacked the ground in amazement. When he was right on Martin’s rear wheel going into the rollers, he used the move to jump onto the tabletop and blaze past Martin as Martin floated in the air over the tabletop. The first thing Martin probably asked when he got back to the truck was how in the world Tomac had passed him like that.

Marvin Musquin was having a good race early, even passing Tomac, but he came up short on a big double and crashed, which cost him a ton of positions. Justin Bogle got off to a terrible start but kept pushing in the intense Southern California heat to end up in eighth.

Zach Osborne and Cole Seely going at it. Osborne would take fifth while Seely finished tenth.
Photo: Hansel

250 Moto One Results

  1. Ken Roczen
  2. Eli Tomac
  3. Jeremy martin
  4. Cooper Webb
  5. Zach Osborne
  6. Wil Hahn
  7. Kyle Cunningham
  8. Justin Bogle
  9. Marvin Musquin
  10. Cole Seely
  11. Martin Davalos
  12. Jessy Nelson
  13. Justin Hill
  14. Adam Cianciarulo
  15. Darryn Durham
  16. Matt Bisceglia
  17. Jason Anderson
  18. Shane McElrath
  19. Kyle Peters
  20. Ryan Zimmer
  21. Preston Mull
  22. Jacob Baumert
  23. Jake Mohnike
  24. Trevor Reis
  25. Brandon Scharer
  26. Jason Brooks
  27. Zack Williams
  28. William Clason
  29. Austin burns
  30. Brady Kiesel
  31. Matas Inda
  32. Conner Elliot
  33. Blake Baggett
  34. Alex Martin
  35. Chad Gores
  36. Dakota Tedder
  37. Colt Nichols
  38. Michael Leib
  39. Brad Nauditt
  40. Sean Hackley Jr.