Ryno Power Gym's Four Month Planner

August 20, 2013 1:15pm

(San Diego, Ca) Ryno Power Gym, Ryan Hughes’ Online HD Video Training Center, has released the Four Month Planner designed entirely by Eli Tomac's fitness trainer Ryan Hughes. The Four Month Planner has everything riders need with a step by step, day by day guide to answer the daily health and fitness needs of riders all over the globe. The Four Month Planner is available now on RynoPowerGym.com/FMP for $299.00 and good for a lifetime.

The Four Month Planner is your daily guide for the track and gym and it establishes the training lifestyle of the pros. You will be given Video based: Gym Workouts, Cardio, Stretching, Yoga, and Printable: Recipes, Food Guides, and Grocery Shopping lists to optimize your training for the best results. Each section is broken down to a give you a day by day guide of what to do and when to do it. We also have all the sections increasing in difficulty so your training gets harder as you go. We do not want to overwhelm you so we start off easy and get progressively harder as the four months go on. All sections are printable so you can take them with you.

The Four Month Planner was designed to offer a more detailed Riding, Training, Stretching and Workout regime. The Ryno power Gym is a collection of workouts, stretches, riding and nutrition but the Planner offers a day to day guide for people who want to be told what to do each day! Ryno is offering to help transform the way riders live. We know it’s important to not only work out in the gym, but there’s a true need for healthy nutrition, and proper stretching.

We also know that riding is the core of any aspiration to go fast so there is detailed video riding advice in every week of every month. Not every rider can afford to come to California and live and train with Ryno like the top Pro's do. So this is avital tool for any rider looking to move up to the next level. It is designed for everyone from Beginners to PROs!

The Four Month Planner is $299 and it’s yours for life, allowing you to complete the program three times a year for the best results! With your subscription you will get access to all of Ryno's stretches, yoga, riding techniques, work outs, recipes as well as food guides for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks. The Four Month Planner is available now at RynoPowerGym.com/FMP.

Call Ryno Power at 800.771.0131 with questions or concerns.

Sign up for Ryno Power Gym at rynopowergym.com for $19.95/mo or $129.95/yr.

Sign up for the Four Month Planner at rynopowergym.com/fmp for $299

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