Dash for Cash to Help Privateers

August 6, 2013 3:00pm

Rocket Valley is promoting a dash for cash race to help privateers with their expenses from New York to Utah. Although this is very short notice $1400.00 cash, plus various items for a chance style auction has been secured for the event since Monday morning.

*Date of event will be 11 AUG 2013,

*Place of the event will be Silver Springs MX located @ Three hours and forty five minutes from Unadilla. Silver springs MX is located in Silver Springs New York.

*Dash for cash will be open to any cc bike. Gate selection will be based off of first moto finishes, from the expert classes, alternating between 450 and 250 classes.

*Duration of event will be 8 laps. Any Expert or A rider is encouraged to attend.

*Expert payout for the normal race is 150% for 274 or less total riders. 200% for 275 or more total participants.

Rocket Valley would like to extend thanks for the support from WNYMA and Silver Springs MX.

The following is a current list of all companies and individuals who have made this possible in alphabetical order.

Daniel Crower Racing

Greg Jordan


Joe Ellington

Mosites Motorsports

Renegade Fuels

Ride Engineering

Ripped Vinyl

Shane Shipley

Silver Springs MX

Steve Hnat

Traction MX Seating


Any company or individual who wishes to make donations can contact Rocket Valley @ 814-787-7775