Washougal 450 Moto 2 Report

Washougal 450 Moto 2 Report

July 20, 2013 7:20pm

As the second 450 moto blasted off the gate, Ryan Dungey emerged as the early leader after passing holeshot winner Josh Grant. Ryan Villopoto and James Stewart followed immediately behind and also quickly passed Grant. The fastest three riders in American motocross were all up front and may have molded a moto that—in time—will ultimately define an era in our sport. The two Ryans began to stretch their lead over 450 veteran Stewart, while Stewart simultaneously pulled away from the rest of the pack. Villopoto paced Dungey lap after lap. It looked as if the moto may evolve into a chess match, but that’s never a game Villopoto has been willing to play. He began showing Dungey his front wheel more and more as the race progressed and finally made his move through an inside rut of the turn following the finish line. Villopoto made the pass stick and started to inch away from the defending champion.

Jake Weimer and Broc Tickle also began to settle into their fourth and fifth positions just as the top three had done, but behind them was a multi-rider battle that had detonated for valuable top ten positions. Grant began to fade back as riders such as Chad Reed, Phil Nicoletti, Mike Alessi and Andrew Short eagerly charged forward. Alessi rode most impressively, passing all the aforementioned riders to secure sixth place.

The moto had neared its end as soon as the commotion had steadied out at the tail end of the top ten. Villopoto still grasped the lead to bring home his first overall win at Washougal—a surprising stat for a man who has won it all. Dungey followed him up in second place, and Stewart in third to round out the podium.

450 Moto 2 Results
1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Ryan Dungey
3. James Stewart
4. Jake Weimer
5. Broc Tickle
6. Mike Alessi
7. Chad Reed
8. Phil Nicoletti
9. Andrew Short
10. Josh Grant
11. Trey Canard
12. Malcolm Stewart
13. Justin Brayton
14. Weston Peick
15. Ben LaMay
16. Michael Byrne
17. Justin Barcia
18. Mike Brown
19. Tucker Hibbert
20. Ricky Dietrich

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