RCH Washougal Race Advance

July 17, 2013 3:20pm
·   RCH Racing’s Broc Tickle (No. 20 Ram/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing Suzuki RM-Z450) had his streak of four consecutive top-10 overall finishes in the 450MX Class ended at RedBud after the results were adjusted. Tickle finished 11th in both motos to earn 20 points, the same as Ryan Dungey who had a DNF along with a third-place finish. Dungey’s higher finish of third trumped Tickle’s 11th which vaulted Dungey to 10th in the overall finish order and dropped Tickle to 11th.

·   RCH Racing’s Broc Tickle is currently eighth in 450MX Class rider standings, 49 shy of fifth. He has made 81 MX starts -- 450MX Class (20), MX Lites (24), 250MX (34) and MX (3). He has an average finish of 7.95 in the 20 450MX starts.
·   RCH co-owner Ricky Carmichael won four overall premier class motos at Washougal (2005, ’04, ’02, ’01).
·   NBCSports Network will broadcast a mid-season MX highlight show on Wednesday, July 17th at 11:00 p.m. ET.

·   Live TV Coverage: Moto 1 – Saturday, July 20 at 4:00 p.m. on Fuel TV; Moto 2 – Saturday, July 20 at 6:00 p.m. on NBCSN; Highlight Show – Wednesday, July 24 at 11:00 p.m. on NBCSN (All times EDT).
·   Broc Tickle scored nine top-10 overall finishes last season in the 450 MX Class, including four podiums (Budds Creek, Southwick, Unadilla and Lake Elsinore). He qualified seventh and finished fifth overall last year at Washougal in the MX Class.

Starts        Motos    Wins   Top 3s  Top 10s
Tickle            7       14           0              0            6

·   RAM is in its first season teamed with RCH Racing for competition in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.
·   Broc Tickle finished runner-up three times last year in MX competition (Mechanicsville, Southwick and Unadilla).
·   RCH co-owner Ricky Carmichael claimed a record 15 championships – 10 MX (record) and five SX. He recorded 150 career wins (record) – 102 MX (record) and 48 SX (second all-time). Carmichael rode to two perfect MX seasons and captured 10 consecutive titles (1997-2006).

No. 20 Ram/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Suzuki RM-Z450
Birthdate: 11/21/1989
Hometown: Holly, Mich.                             Mechanic: Tony Berluti

·   First season riding the No. 20 Ram/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Suzuki RM-Z450
·   Finished fifth in 2012 MX rider standings with nine top-10 finishes
·   2011 AMA Supercross Series Lites West champion
Turned pro in 2007

BROC (TICKLE) HAS FOUR CONSECUTIVE TOP 10S IN THE 450MX CLASS THIS YEAR BUT HIS STARTING POSITION AFTER ONE LAP COMPLETED IS IN THE TEENS, IS THE FOCUS THIS WEEK RACE STARTS OR OVERALL SPEED? “Starts are always important. At some tracks, you can overcome a poor race start more than others. It’s really tough to overcome a bad start at Washougal because it is a really narrow race track. The widths of the tracks are supposed to be the same but for some reason this track races a lot narrower than other tracks. I think the race start for Broc is going to be more important than other motos.”

BROC TALKED POST-RACE AT REDBUD ABOUT TRANFERING HIS PRACTICE SESSIONS FROM YOUR FARM OVER TO RACE DAY. IT SEEMS EASIER SAID THAN DONE: “Yeah, it’s frustrating for him. When we look at the lap times, he should be finishing better than he is. His average lap time is sixth to eighth. Unfortunately that’s not where he’s finishing. Now he’s only two points out of seventh. At the end of the day he needs to be better on the starts. I think he’s a little tentative and that goes a long way when you’re battling for position in that first corner. It’s like a game of chicken, who’s going to hold on to it longer and who’s going to let off first? Normally, the guy that let’s off first is the rider who is going to fall behind.”

WHERE IS THE FINE LINE BETWEEN PUSHING THE ENVELOPE ON THE BIKE AND RIDING OVER YOUR HEAD? IS IT SIMPLY A MINDSET THAT A RIDERS HAS TO LEARN? “There’s a line for sure. If you go over the line, you risk putting your bike on the mat. The good riders have a really good measure on that. Others have a hard time defining that line and maybe don’t push it enough.”

CAN YOU LEARN THAT “LINE” IN PRACTICE OR DO YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT ONLY IN A RACE? “Sometimes that fine line is just learned by hitting the mat.”

FIVE ROUNDS REMAIN IN THE MX SEASON. IS THIS THE POINT OF THE SEASON WHERE ATTRITION WILL START TO AFFECT RIDERS? “It’s a lot like Supercross when you get on the back half of the season and the cream starts to rise to the top. Everyone is bruised and battered.

“It’s a long season, especially if you race all of Supercross and Motocross. The guys that stay strong will climb some positions and the guys that are over it will maintain or lose some spots. You have to grind it out. Broc’s history has shown that he’s marching
up the ladder. I think moving up to seventh in rider points is doable this weekend. Moving up to sixth will be a stretch but as we race these last five events, he can move up. I know he’s going to be consistent; I just don’t know about the guys in front of him.”

-- RICKY CARMICHAEL (Co-owner, RCH Racing)

“Washougal is probably the most beautiful track we have on our whole circuit. It looks really, really good dirt-wise but as soon as you go out there, it’s slippery. It’s a different kind of dirt for sure. It looks really nice but when you get out there, it’s pretty slippery after the first couple practices and especially when they put some water on it. Washougal is known for that.

“It’s a fun track. I don’t really enjoy it that much but I always seem to do well there. I think it’s because I have good throttle control. It’s a change of pace for us, it’s almost like Southwick. It’s not like one of the normal tracks that we race on. It’s kind of the odd one.”

HOW DIFFERENT IS THE DIRT FROM ONE REGION OF THE COUNTRY TO ANOTHER? “Pretty much everything in the East is pretty similar until we get to Unadilla (N.Y.); it’s a little different but every other track in the East has that clay or a sand mix. Even Millville (Minn.) has sand but Washougal is its own breed and so is Lake Elsinore (Calif.). Southwick was obviously a little bit different because the whole track is sand.  Traction is different every weekend with the kind of dirt that we’re dealing with.”

WITH THE SURFACE THIS WEEKEND, HOW DOES THAT AFFECT YOUR START?  “There’s some stuff that you can do to the mapping of the electrical side to calm down the bike so that it doesn’t spin. They moved the start (starting gate) a couple years ago and since they moved it, it’s got even slipperier. With the start being slippery, it’s going to be really important to make sure you get the traction to the ground.”

YOU’VE BEEN CONSISTENT THIS SEASON, RACKING UP TOP-10 FINISHES.  DOES IT ALL BOIL DOWN TO THE START TO TRY TO GET FROM SIXTH OR SEVENTH AT THE START TO HAVE A CHANCE AT A PODIUM FINISH? “For sure, that’s what it’s going to take. You’re going to have to ride well but I feel I’ve been riding decent. With a good start, you’re going to go that much faster because you’re in the lead pack. They’re going to pull you along. I’m looking forward to this weekend. We have five more (races) and it’s time to get some good starts, put myself in a good situation for a better overall finish and bump myself up in points.”

HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO PASS AT WASHOUGAL? “It’s pretty tricky to pass at Washougal. The track is narrow in some spots. Once it gets rough, it kind of separates a little bit. In the morning and maybe in the first moto, everybody is going to be pretty close in speed.”