VonZipper Mammoth Trackside Support

June 21, 2013 11:20am

Irvine, CA: VonZipper is happy to announce that the VZ FreeWheelers MX Race team will be heading north to attend, support and race the 2013 Mammoth MX. The unofficial sponsor of every event we show up to, VonZipper is a longtime supporter of Mammoth during winter months as well as past years during the summer Motocross race week. With a redoubled effort and a full tank of high-octane gas, you can expect 2013 to be the best year yet for anyone wearing, supporting and especially racing Mammoth. Anybody lining up to the start gate in VonZipper or purchasing their race goggles at BTO trackside support can expect their goggles to be laced up with free tear-off’s, stickers and pure motivation from the VonZipper FreeWheeler crew. Needless to say, anyone requiring further support, wisdom or a hug, just stop by the VZ booth and give a shout out to Dano, Hair-Dog or P-Lo and they’ll be more than happy to answer the questions your afraid to ask. VonZipper Team Manager Dano exclaimed, “I’m super stoked to come back to Mammoth! I love the track, the people and there is nothing like the racing in the crisp mountain air. I’ve had a ton of awesome battles on the mountain and look forward to watching some of these mini kids rip as well as VZ FreeWheelers Tyler Bereman, Tallon Lafountaine, Jayce Pennington, and our prospects in action. Don’t worry If you feel a rumble in the hills, it’s not an earthquake! It’s just our boys having more fun than everyone else. If you want to be a FreeWheeler, be sure to stop by and give P-Lo and I a high 5!”

VZ will be there bright and early on all Race days including practice, as well as attending all off track activities. Be sure to follow us @vonzipper on all social media outlets, vonzipper.com and of course Mammothmotocross.com for all event details and updates.