Alex Martin and Brady Kiesel Move from Eleven10 to Rock River

June 20, 2013 4:15pm | by:

There was writing on the wall (or even on the flat block box van) for months regarding this move, but it now appears the ever-determined Eleven10 Mods Yamaha racing team is off the road for good. The current team riders, Alex Martin and Brady Kiesel, will now move over to the Rock River Yamaha team. Eleven10 Mods will continue on as a performance modification company based in its Uniontown, Pennsylvania shop, but the pro race team is no more.

It's not shocking news, considering that after the Eleven10 box van (which is seemingly nearing the million mile mark) didn't make it to the Minneapolis SX (leaving 250 East SX rider PJ Larsen without a bike to race), Rock River began housing some of the team's bikes and parts, and there seemed to be some collaboration between the teams to make sure Martin and Kiesel had bikes to race on the weekend.

We'll have more on this as it develops, but it will certainly be sad to no longer see the little box van that could in the pro pits, ready to do battle against the big dogs.