811 Foundation Training Camp

June 6, 2013 2:50pm

The mission of the 811 foundation is to inspire and educate riders to take interest in training and understanding how to hydrate and fuel their body to be strong, safe, and injury free.

When: July 8th 2013

Where: Baja Acres Time: 10am-5pm

The 811 camp will held the Monday after the Red Bud Pro National on July 8th of this year. On the Anniversary of losing one of the badest dudes on the planet; WE RIDE... Josh Lichtle’s spirit will be heavy in all of our hearts. He was the type of rider who pushed himself, trained hard and inspired the people around him. In his memory we will be running the 811 Training Camp at Baja Acres, the track where Josh had his first race. The camp will create a link0 between professional riders and amateur riders allowing them to pass down their knowledge and experience. With some of Josh’s fellow racers and friends including Davi Millsaps, Nico Izzi, Josh Hansen, Brandon Mays and more to be announced. Lessons from professional riders can help amateur riders to avoid the pit falls that many riders go through and put them on a path for success. Take the opportunity to experience how a professional trains and learn to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and nutritionally.

The day begins with stretching and a morning workout at 9:30 am. Riders should be prepared with workout clothes and running shoes, as well as their gear.

All riders will be divided into groups based on bike size and skill level.

Each training station will include a 30 minute lesson taught by one of our pro riders.

A blow horn will signal the riders to rotate stations with hydration breaks in-between.

Stations categories including:

Starts- Technique, Timing, Mental preparation,

Riding Fundamentals- Body positioning, Engine braking

Nutrition/Training/Preparation-Emphasizing the importance of keeping your body fueled to perform at its best; Prevention of heat stress and dehydration.

Cornering- Ruts, Flat hard packed, Deep sand, Off cambered

Jumping- Technique, Low flying, Kickers, Aiming for the next corner

Bike Set-up- Suspension, Maintenance, Handle bar & lever positioning

How to get Sponsors- Resumes, Keeping in contact, Giving your sponsor a return on their investment

Get on the right path for 2013!

-Rider preparation is the key to injury prevention and success in the sport of motocross

**Each rider will receive a rider support bag including items from the 811 Camp Sponsors**

Support the motocross community All proceeds from the camp will go to educating riders and helping injured riders recover.

Sign-up fee $200 per rider | Space will be limited.

811 Camp updates- Twitter @811foundation

To sign up for the school contact Baja Acres (989) 871-3356

To become a sponsor of the event contact: _bill.lichtle@gmail.com _248-568-5166