Loretta Lynn Competition Bulletin

May 29, 2013 11:50am

Announcements were made at the first Regional that the winners of the Regional Championships would receive Moto 1 gate selection priority at the National. Although this was under consideration, upon further review it is apparent that the current programming will not allow for this procedure without substantial changes, nor would the change benefit the overall competition.

Furthermore, Supplemental Rule D.3 states that “Riders who qualify in more than one Regional Championship will advance to the National from the rider’s ‘home’ region.” Under this scenario, riders winning non-home regionals would not be able to benefit from their accomplishment.

Accordingly, further development of the new process is required prior to implementation. To clarify, at the National all first-moto gate selections will be made by random draw.

For further questions, please contact Jeff Canfield at JCanfield@mxsports.com.