2013 AXO Product Information

May 21, 2013 11:15am
Airflow Jacket

AXO’s new Airflow jacket is designed to keep riders cool when they hit the road while offering unmatched safety and comfort. The key is the surplus of mesh on the jacket, there is mesh polyester on the front, inner sleeves and back as well as a mesh lining. The Airflow has CE approved removable shoulder and elbow cups, a pocket for a back protector, reflective inserts and high tenacity polyester on high impact areas. Additionally, the jacket has sleeve and waist adjustments to help achieve the perfect fit.

The Airflow is now available in S-XXXL and suggested retail price is $150.


Pro Race XT Gloves

AXO’s Pro Race XT glove is the successor of the very successful Pro Race and offers everything a rider would want including a great low price.

Technically the Pro Race XT is a racing gloves, but it’s also great for a casual weekend ride thanks to the short cuff structure. New and improved features of the XT are a reflective logo, a two piece knuckle protector and more ventilation throughout the glove. There is perforated leather on the back of the glove and fingers as well as additional ventilation at the top of the glove and fingers. The added perforation and ventilation plays a big role in keeping riders hands cool and dry on hot days as well as allowing for a better fit and more freedom of movement for the hand.

The Pro Race XT glove is currently available in sizes S-XXXL and suggested retail price is $55.


2013 Trans-Am Motocross Gear

AXO introduces the new 3013 Trans-Am gear, now available in black and white color ways. The Trans-Am gear is part of a larger line that includes the Norstar boots and Trans-Am gloves, all of which are inspired from AXO’s look in the late 1970’s. Although the gear looks like it’s from the 70’s, the materials, construction and technology are top of the line for today.

From far off the black and white sets of gear appear to be the same, however with a closer look you will see many differences. The white set of Trans-Am gear is fully vented. The entire jersey is a mesh material to provide optimal ventilation for hot riding days. The pants also feature additional ventilation in the front and back of the upper leg and at the shin by having perforated panels.  

The jersey is designed to fit either over or under a roost guard all while providing unrestricted freedom of movement. The 100% Poly construction of the jersey makes it both stain and odor resistant as well as completely machine washable.  The jersey also features a longer tail panel which helps to keep it tucked in.


The Trans-Am pants have the features and construction that was once reserved for only the most expensive pants. The materials have been improved to allow for a better fit, longer wear and to reduce the weight. By combining 600 denier Nylon thigh panels with punched Nylon blended thigh and crotch panels the shell of the Trans-Am are comfortable and supportive. Unique stretch panels wrap the upper thigh and waist as well as the inner thigh allowing a fully flexible upper and lower panel design. AXO’s own Slip Fitting knee and thigh pattern suspends the thigh from the knee allowing the knee panel to operate independently from the leg of the pant. The Slip Fit design feature helps keep the pants securely on the waist. The pants also have side waist adjustment tabs to help keep the pants from sliding off the waist. A vented thigh TPR panel allows air to circulate up the Slip Fit and exit through the venting to help keep riders cool on hot days. The inner knee panels of the pants have leather to reduce heat and protect the pants from additional wear and abrasion. An endless cuff is featured on the bottom of the pants which is slimmer and thinner so a snug boot will not cause discomfort. Up top the closure duties are taken care by using a molded TPR zipper cover and super strength Poly zipper cut a bit longer to help with putting on the pants. A large knee to calf stretch panel adds comfort and stretch to the calf reducing chafing. A smooth tricot liner stops at the knee so as not to interfere with braces and cups. The Trans-Am pants are completely machine washable.

The Trans-Am jersey is currently available in S-XXL and the pants in sizes 28-40 in white and 28-44 in black. Suggested retail price for the jersey is $48 and $138 for the pants.

If you have any questions or would like further information about these products or any AXO products please contact us at 661-257-0916 or via email at info@axo.com