ATI 2013 Lineup

May 17, 2013 1:15pm
ATI riders Brittany and Bryanna Marcotte will be attending the Hangtown National in Sacramento California on May 18th, 2013!

The twins just received their new season professional AMA Numbers, released May 7th 2013:

Brittany: #33

Bryanna: #55

The twins would like to say:

We are happy to be returning to our original numbers that we had when we first starting riding dirt bikes at the age of 11. It's exciting to be bringing back the memories those numbers gave us and having all the girls bring back their own favorite numbers as well. It's good to see our sport getting more open with choosing our own numbers again; similar to the men's program.

For the upcoming 2013 race season, we'll be welcoming new and previous sponsors to the team:


Very proud to be representing the best goggles in the sport- Scott USA. Along with their goggles we will also be wearing full SCOTT gear. We are excited to apart of the SCOTT team- so be sure to spot us on the track to get a glance at the best performance gear on the market.


Happy to announce that Bell Helmets will be apart of our 2013 team as well. Representing the most reliable and stable helmets in the industry is a blessing and we can't wait to show off some of their newest and most comfortable line of helmets at Hangtown and other events this year.


Welcoming Alpinstars to the team this year has been a blessing- Nothing in the world compares to the safest, durable, and most stylish boots on the market. We are looking forward to representing Alpinstar and their Tech 10 boot this season.


We are excited to announce Freegun USA will be joining Team Twin this season; with their unique and stylish underwear designs, bras and accessories, we'll be more than prepared for the outdoor racing season. Make sure to stop by and see Team Twin for some free accessories.


For another year, Aspire to Inspire Clothing will be reuniting with Team Twin for 2013. With such a great company comes great product, and this years style and design will be better than ever with new cutting edge artistry the industry hasn't seen yet. Along with the "Twinning Tee" that's still available online, ATI Clothing has been an inspiring company to work with and we are more than excited to have them along with us again for the season.


This season we are proud to welcome Motorex to the team. With out a doubt, Motorex is the leading brand of Oils for motocross and other major motor sports. We can't wait to represent the best and most trustworthy oil for our bikes at Hangtown this year.


Brittany would like to thank RF Motorsports for her new RF Motorsport's Factory KTM she will be representing at Hangtown this season. "It has been such a blessing to be given this chance to represent RF Motorsports and the RF Motorsport's Factory KTM and I am so grateful to be apart of such an amazing team." -Brittany Marcotte

Concluding our 2013 Team announcements we would like to thank a handful of people who helped get us here today: God, our loving parents and grandparents, Vicki Golden, The Fiolek Family, Jon Lewis, Chris Siebenhaar, Patrick Houlihan, Andrew Bauer Ryne Dickens, and our friends and fans.

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We are looking forward to seeing all of you at Hangtown on May 18th.

Thank you!

-Team Twin

You can show your support for Team Twin at the races as the Marcotte twins take on the series, by getting your "Twinning" tee here: